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Strategic Plan Goals 2012-15

Academic Programming

1. Expand and modify educational offerings to meet the changing needs of the job market/industry and the increasing non-traditional student population.

Action Steps:

  • Build and maintain good relationships with local industries to develop new (or modify existing) educational programming that will meet the current and future needs of our community and to facilitate smooth education-work transitions.
  • Develop non-credit specialized programming that targets specific knowledge and skill sets needed by the non-traditional aged student.
  • Create more ladder or bridge opportunities where students can complete educational programs that meet their current needs while setting them up to easily move onto the next educational level of training.
  • Identify non-credit to credit opportunities (ex. Credit by exam), providing students with credit for prior learning experiences.
  • Identify core foundational and cultural knowledge and skills that will prepare students to be contributing members of the community.

2. Explore, identify and implement different timelines, delivery approaches and teaching modalities to provide students with the educational background and skills they need in a timely, flexible fashion.

Action Steps:

  • Identify and implement various options (ex. “weekend” college, immediate mainstreaming into curriculum, multiple start date options) for offering educational programming in a condensed or accelerated format, making it easier for non-traditional aged students to quickly gain the knowledge and skills needed for employment.
  • Increase flexible educational offerings (ex. online courses, courses being offered on site at local businesses/employers).


1. Provide quality educational experiences that meet the changing needs of all facets of the community.

2. Increase educational options that make students marketable and relevant with an emphasis on reducing time to completion.

3. Increase educational opportunities for high school students to obtain academic credit at this institution.

4. Reduce traditional barriers to students’ attaining their educational goals.


1. To provide a physical and virtual environment that supports changing student needs.

  • Objective 1: Provide flexible academic space to accommodate various pedagogies.
  • Objective 2: To create state-of-the-art laboratory facilities.
  • Objective 3: To provide social, learning and working environments that lead to student engagement.

2. To provide a physical and virtual environment that assists all employees in meeting the needs of the campus community.

3. To provide a physical and virtual environment that invites community involvement.

Academic Programming Work Group

Members: Christine Harrington, Veronica Clinton, Steven Barnhart (part of meeting), Maria DeLucia, Diane Trainor, Karen Hays (part of meeting), Mark Thompson, Michael Nester, Kathleen Pearle, Uma Narayanan, Lynne Lee, Charlotte Quigley, Rob Kim, Marilyn Laskowski-Sachnoff

Demographics Work Group

Members: Brian Richards, Mary Ann Conners, Marla Brinson, Patrick Madama, Gina Bedoya, Richard Roy, Jeffrey Herron, Roseann Bucciarelli

Facilities Work Group

Present: Kasey Drennen, Joann La Perla-Morales, Karen Hays, Ron Goldfarb, Karen Katt, Alice Picardo, John Herrling, Mary Pat Maciolek, Tracey Young, Elizabeth Pajauis, Don Drost, Ed Reid, Ashley Miller, Neil Sachnoff, David Boelhower, Steve Barnhart