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Edison, Vacant Faculty
Accounting, Business and Legal Studies
ED 133
Phone:732.548.6000 x3474
Edmonds, Robert Assistant Athletic Director
Physical Education, Recreation and Dance
PE C113
Edwards, Denise Demo Kitchen Coordinator
Continuing Education
CB 110
Phone:732.548.6000 x3570
Edwards, Melissa Faculty
RH 9
Phone:732.548.6000 x3070
Ellis, Melissa Student Support Services Coordinator
WE 223
Phone:732.548.6000 x3168
Ellison, Susan Course Coordinator
LH 230
Phone:732.548.6000 x3747
Esannason, Laura Phlebotomy Instructor
Continuing Education
WH 204
Phone:732.548.6000 x3815
Espino, Willy Mail Processor
Printing and Communications Support
Phone:732.548.6000 x3537
Espinoza, Cristobal Faculty
History and Social Sciences
RH 108
Phone:732.548.6000 x3081
Esser, Tracey Department Assistant
RH 237
Phone:732.548.6000 x3059
Evans-Fretwell, Phyllis Financial Aid Administrator
Financial Aid
WE 213
Phone:732.548.6000 x3708