This Online Orientation should take approximately 40 – 45 minutes. You will also have an opportunity to sign up for Group Advising and/or New Student Orientation after you complete the orientation.
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Jackson, George Men's Basketball Coach
Physical Education, Recreation and Dance
PE 153B
Jain, Meenu Faculty
Natural Sciences
BH 200B
Phone:732.548.6000 x3006
Jedruchniewicz, Izabela Senior Lab Coordinator
Engineering Technologies
BH 112
Phone:732.548.6000 x3404
Jiang, Jane Reference Librarian
Johnson, April Assistant Director
Academic Advising
CH 107
Phone:732.548.6000 x3257
Johnson, Lori Coordinator
Minority Student Affairs
JL 243
Johnson, Montique Equipment Aide
Physical Education, Recreation and Dance
PE A 107
Phone:732.548.6000 x3723
Jones, Janet Learning Disability Specialist
Project Connections
JL 230
Phone:732.548.6000 x3540
Jones, Leonard Clinical Education Coordinator
LH 110
Jones, Sandra Financial Aid Assistant
Financial Aid
Phone:732.548.6000 x3143
Jurick, Gabriela Physical Education Center Coordinator
Physical Education, Recreation and Dance
PE B100
Phone:732.548.6000 x3714
Jurick, George Supervisor Custodial Services
Facilities Management
FM 103B
Phone:732.548.6000 x3056
Justiniano, Paola Secretary
History and Social Sciences
RH 127
Phone:732.548.6000 x3504