This Online Orientation should take approximately 40 – 45 minutes. You will also have an opportunity to sign up for Group Advising and/or New Student Orientation after you complete the orientation.
Campus Directory
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Nagarajan-Iyer, Lakshmi Faculty
Accounting, Business and Legal Studies
ED 133
Phone:732.548.6000 x3473
Nagy, Cheryl Course Coordinator
LH 229
Phone:732.548.6000 x3347
Nagy, Kathy Office Operations Technician
Information Technology
JL 209
Phone:732.548.6000 x3175
Napurano, Gina Director of Wed Integration, Applications Development and Support
Information Technology
JL 209
Narayanan, Uma Faculty
Natural Sciences
LH 203
Phone:732.548.6000 x3146
Nester, Michael Chairperson
RH 234
Phone:732.548.6000 x3585
Nickerson, Jeremy Faculty
Visual, Performing and Media Arts
NH 312
Phone:732.548.6000 x3203
Nieves, Joaquin Network Technical Service Technician
Information Technology
JL 130
Nieves, Luis Supervisor
Student Activities
CC 212
Phone:732.548.6000 x3433
Norek, Laura Project Assistant
School Relations
BH 200
Phone:732.548.6000 x3144
Noyes, Jospeh Faculty
Natural Sciences
LH 247
Phone:732.548.6000 x3377
Nunez, Christian Mail Processor
Printing and Communications Support
Phone:732.548.6000 x3537
Nunez, Dena Services Assistant
Counseling and Career Services
ED 100
Nunez, Ralph Lead Person for Mechanical and Electrical
Facilities Management
FM 122