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 Contact Information
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Non-Emergency Phone:

732.548.6000 x3500
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The Basics of Parking on Campus

It should be understood that parking is a privilege, not a right. The acceptance of parking privileges and the presence of any vehicle on campus represents an agreement by the motorist, that Middlesex County College is in no way liable for personal injury, damage, or lost of part, or contents of, the vehicle.


Myth: College Police do not issue citations during the first two (2) weeks of school.

Truth: College Police do issue citations beginning the first day of classes.


To park in a staff space you must have a current staff permit the 1st day of class or receive a citation.

The first two (2) weeks of class during the Fall and Spring semesters are extremely hectic and parking will be scarce. When the parking lots fill up, they will be closed off and traffic will be directed to other lots.

If you wish to save time, money (i.e. gas, tolls) and aggravation, do the following:

  • Plan Ahead – Use the maps provided on this website to find out where your class meets. Although there is no guarantee that there will be parking available in the immediate area, you can locate alternative parking lots.
  • Only come to the campus if it is absolutely necessary – The majority of people who come to campus are attending/teaching class or engaged in business with the College.
  • Plan your day at the campus – Combine things like going to class/work, buying books, seeing counselors, etc. That way you will only need to find a parking place once.
  • Find alternative transportation – Take the bus, ride a bike, rideshare or have someone drop you off.

Who Must Have A Permit….

Staff members must display a parking permit or temporary parking permit.

What Does It Cost….

There is no fee for parking on the campus.

Where Can I Park….

Each lot has a specific designation for who can or cannot park there. Follow the color coded signs posted by lot numbers. Be aware of specially marked areas such as disabled spots, fire zones, loading areas, etc.

When Can I Park….

Parking regulations are enforced 24 hours a day, seven (7) days a week.


I. General Parking Lots

A. Parking regulations will be enforced 24 hours a day, seven (7)
days a week, 365 days a year.

B. Current visitor permit must be displayed while vehicle is parked
on campus. A visitor permit must indicate either a visitor/staff or
general visitor parking lot.

II. Staff Parking Lot:

  1. Parking regulations will be enforced at all times.
  2. Current Staff Permit must be displayed at all times.
  3. Visitors parking in Staff Lots must have a visitor permit that states “STAFF LOT” or be subject to a citation.
  4. Parking regulations will not be suspended in the Staff Lots.
  5. No staff member will be eligible for more than two (2) parking permits.
  6. The definition of staff member to be eligible to obtain a staff parking permit is one who is assigned to work more than twenty (25) hours per week.

III. Parking for Handicapped Persons

  1. In order to park in a space designated for handicapped persons, a registered plaque or state license plate for handicapped persons must be displayed in or on the vehicle.
  2. The handicapped person must be using the vehicle at the time it is parked in the designated handicapped space. Anyone found to be fraudulently using a handicapped placard or license plate will be fined and the placard or license plate will be confiscated.

IV. Motorcycles, Cars and Trucks Parking and Displaying of Staff Parking Permits

  1. Motorcycles
    1. A current parking permit is to be displayed on the left front fork.
    2. Motorcycles must be parked in designated motorcycle parking areas only.
  2. Cars/Trucks
    1. Apply permit to left rear bumper, or (NO LONGER APPLICABLE).
    2. Affix to, and clearly display on, the inside of the left rear window.

V. Enforcement

The Middlesex County Community College Police Department has primary responsibility for the enforcement of all College parking regulations and New Jersey Motor Vehicle Code violations.

VI. Refunds

  1. Should a student’s class be cancelled and this is the only class the student is registered for, a 100% refund of the fee will be made.
  2. Students who officially withdraw from all classes in which they were enrolled prior to the start of a term, will receive a 100% refund of the fee.


The parking rules and regulations are designed to make parking as fair and easy as possible. Before you decide to appeal any ticket you may have received, please carefully read the following information.

Keep in mind that the initial appeal will be based solely on your written statement and any paperwork, photos or statements that are submitted with it. Phone calls and/or follow-up correspondence will not be made due to the volume of appeals that we receive. It is your responsibility to submit any evidence you deem necessary for your case. Statements like “I was told by…” are considered. A written statement by a third party does not guarantee a dismissal, but it may help your case.

What Might Be Accepted or Taken Into Consideration:

Enforcement Errors:

  • A misread permit by an Officer.
  • A documented medical emergency.
  • Proof submitted for meter payment.
  • A documented mechanical problem. You will need to add copies of your service receipts: mechanic bills, etc., with your request for review.

What Is Not Accepted or Taken Into Consideration:

  • Denied appeals are those that, in one way or the other, request an exemption from the Parking Rules and Regulations.
  • People who constantly attempt exemptions to the rules compromise the fairness to the people who park properly. Appeals based on the following, or variations thereof, are bound to be denied…

“I was only there for one (two, five…) minutes.”

“I’ve parked there before and never got a ticket.”

“I thought it was a space.”

“There is no sign that says I Can’t park there.”

They told me I could.” Unless “they” is willing to back it up in writing and
has the authority over the rules and regulations.

…And the old standby: “I DIDN’T KNOW/NOBODY TOLD ME!

“My car died…” unless supported by paperwork.


Note: The College fine for illegally parking in a Disabled Space is $100.00

There are disabled parking stalls located in various lots around campus. To use one of them, you must display a current state issued disabled placard . Only the person to whom the placard or plate was issued can use them. Individuals who are caught fraudulently using a disabled placard will be fined and the placard or plate confiscated.

Persons who have a valid disabled placard/plate may park in any valid parking space on campus.

Disabled placards/plates does not give a person permission to park “anywhere.” Individuals with a disabled placard/plate and/or a current student or staff permit cannot park in the following areas:

  • Yellow curb or fire zones.
  • In designated loading or unloading zones.
  • In the cross hatch of disabled zones.
  • In any area that is not a designated parking spot (i.e., on sidewalks or grass).
  • In any area marked as “No Parking” or “Tow Away” zone.

New Jersey Handicapped Parking Laws

On November 29, 1989, Governor Thomas Kean signed two handicapped parking laws. New Jersey’s handicapped parking laws have sought to alleviate the parking problems that have plagued individuals with disabilities. Listed below are some of the significant provisions of these laws:

  • Enables state, county and municipal law enforcement officers or parking enforcement officers to enforce the parking restriction on appropriately marked handicapped parking spaces on both public and private property.
  • Mandates a $250.00 fine for the first offense of parking a motor vehicle in a restricted handicapped parking space without a special identification card and, for subsequent offenses, a fine of at least $250.00 and up to 90 days of community service.
  • Authorizes eligible individuals with disabilities to request a law enforcement officer to arrange for the removal of a motor vehicle that is parked unlawfully in a handicapped parking space or zone.

The Application Process

If you attend or work for Middlesex County College and are physically disabled and do not already have handicapped privileges in New Jersey, you may obtain a handicapped parking placard by:

  • Contacting the local Division of Motor Vehicles Services office. (Your local police department where you reside can issue you a temporary handicapped placard.)
  • Completing the front of the application.
  • Have your physician complete the reverse side answering all questions concerning your disability.
  • Sending a check or money order for $4.00, made payable to the New Jersey Division of Motor Vehicle Services.

The Middlesex County College Police Department wants to emphazise that the handicapped parking laws in the state of New Jersey are being enforced on BOTH PUBLIC AND PRIVATE PROPERTY. So the next time you think of parking in a handicapped space to which you are not entitled, even if it’s “just for a minute” — DON’T! Handicapped parking spaces are NOT drop off and pick up areas. NO EXCEPTIONS!!!


It is the policy of MCC not to replace lost or stolen permits without charge. Most permits are lost or stolen because:

  • People do not lock their car doors or windows.
  • Move them from vehicle to vehicle and lose them in the process.
  • For whatever reason, remove them from their vehicle and put them somewhere else other than their vehicle.

Please report all lost permits to the Traffic Office at 732-548-6000 Ext. 3241. Although permits will not be replaced without charge, we can still attempt to locate permits that are reported lost/stolen.

Vehicles found with a permit that has been reported lost or stolen will be cited with fraud, not having a current permit ($25.00), and towed at the owner’s expense.


At this time, a staff person is defined as anyone who works more than 25 hours a week for the college. Student employees are not staff and are not eligible to be issued or purchase a staff permit.

All personnel defined as staff must obtain and display a staff permit. This includes temporary and/or part-time employees. Staff members are not authorized to possess or use any other type of permit. The only exception to this rule is a temporary permit issued by the Police Department for those who already have a current staff permit.

  • Staff permits are valid in any staff parking space on campus.


The Violation Bureau is open Monday through Friday from 9:30 AM until 6:00 PM. You may contact the Violation Bureau by telephone by dialing 732-548-6000 Ext. 3247.