You may have heard about the World War II ordnance found on campus April 23rd.
The ordnance did not have a fuse, and it is believed that it was only a shell and did not contain explosive material. Click here for more information.

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Frank M. Chambers Award for Academic Excellence

Named in honor of the founding president of Middlesex County College, this award is presented each year to those who have earned the highest grade point average.

The following students are the 2011 Award Recipients: Chambers Winners 2011

  • Anita Abraham
  • Sonya J. Bacon
  • Yuliya Esipova
  • Mary J. Fiorentino
  • Xianyi Gao
  • Alyssa B. Klimek
  • Larissa A. Kuhlken
  • Irina Kuzmina
  • Matt R. Madurski
  • Farah Manzoor
  • Ann M. Pfister
  • Kimberly A. Ratai
  • Gina K. Rutherford
  • Laura M. Sarfati
  • Syed Jawad H. Shah
  • Marius Sturzoiu
  • Elizabeth Vazquez
  • Megan C. Witos