This Online Orientation should take approximately 40 – 45 minutes. You will also have an opportunity to sign up for Group Advising and/or New Student Orientation after you complete the orientation.
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 Contact Information
Chairperson: Gary Abbott
Dept. Assistant: Denise Crawford
Phone: 732.906.2529
Fax: 732.906.4156
Location: IRC 205
 Contact Information
Chairperson: Gary Abbott
Dept. Assistant: Denise Crawford
Phone: 732.906.2529
Fax: 732.906.4156
Location: IRC 205

Department Hours: Monday – Friday: 8:30am – 4:30pm. Appointments available until 6pm.

We offer the following degree programs:

ESL, Language & Culture
Liberal Arts – Modern Language

The New ESL Program


The new program has several important changes:

  1. Level 1 classes (ESL 060s) will be a part of the Continuing Education Division
  2. Separate classes have been combined:
    • Reading with Speaking
    • Writing with Structure
  3. The last level now has an added Reading and Speaking class
  4. Each class is now five credits, or a total of ten for both classes in a level
  5. There will no longer be a required language lab hour for some classes. Instead, we will have a language resource center where you can go for help and practice.
  6. Students will have to take a level test in order to move into the next level.

Some things to keep in mind:

  1. If you are now in any 060 class now, try to finish all of your 060 courses before Fall 2016. Otherwise, you may have to take one of the Pre-College courses in Continuing Education.
  2. Try to even up your levels because this will make it easier to move from the separate classes to the combined classes
    • Keep your Phonology and Discussion classes at the same level as your Reading class.
    • Keep your Writing and Structure classes at the same level.
  3. If you can, you should try to take ESL 099 by this Spring or Summer.
    • Starting in Fall, the last level will have another class – ESL 097 (Reading and Speaking) that you will have to take.
  4. Class meeting times
    • Day classes will meet twice a week for two hours and 15 minutes.
    • Evening classes will also be twice a week for two hours and 15 minutes each.

ESL Courses

The ESL Program provides five levels of instruction. Each level will have courses in Writing, Reading, Structure (grammar), and Phonology/Discussion. Each of these courses will help students develop the academic English skills needed to be successful in majors and programs at MCC. We offer day, afternoon, and evening classes at both the Edison and Perth Amboy campuses.

Paired Courses

Another opportunity for students to increase their learning is to take a paired course. In a paired course, you will have the same teacher and the same group of students for two classes. This allows you to build on skills you learned in one class to directly apply them to another class. Plus, you will have the added support of your classmates.

Modern Languages

Why major in a Foreign Language? Whether you are planning to pursue a career in business, social work, education, law enforcement, or health professions, competency in another language will help distinguish you from the competition. In addition, students who have studied foreign languages:

  • are in demand in business: studying a language exposes you to new cultures and world views, increasing your cultural sensitivity – an important skill for businesses with international connections.
  • are in demand in the government: much like businesses, the government is very interested in people with a background in language and and other cultures.
  • have better cognitive development: students who study foreign languages tend to do better in Math and English courses than students who have not studied a language.
  • have a variety of employment opportunities: Interpreters, Foreign Language Teachers, Health Care Professionals, Marketing Directors, Language Specialists, Lawyers, Border Patrol Agents, Foreign Affairs Specialists, and many other professions are open to students with foreign language backgrounds

If I major in Modern Languages, can I transfer to a four year college or university? Most or all of the credits earned at MCC toward an A.A. degree in Modern Languages will transfer to a four-year college or university depending on MCC’s particular transfer/articulation agreements with the institution in mind. You can continue your studies in foreign languages, or peruse other related fields such as linguistics or language acquisition.

Please refer to the Liberal Arts – Modern Language (A.A.) link above for more information about placement testing for language courses.