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 Contact Information
Phone: 732.906.2530
Fax: 732.906.4185
Location: Mill Gate
 Contact Information
Phone: 732.906.2530
Fax: 732.906.4185
Location: Mill Gate

Welcome to the Department of Health and Safety

We offer services to all MCC students, faculty, and staff. The office is staffed by a registered nurse and clerical assistant. After-hours emergency first aid is provided by the campus police (ext. 2500). Services are provided in accordance with the Recommended Standards and Practices for a College Health Program as prescribed by the American College Health Association.

Our Services:

  • Nursing assessment of health problems and referrals as needed.
  • Health counseling to assist in coping with health problems and to help promote healthier life-styles.
  • First aid/urgent care that may help reduce serious complications.
  • Immunization offered “at cost” to current students.
  • Maintenance of health records required for all students participating in clinical areas required by contract with clinical sites.
  • Sanitary supplies are available at the Health & Safety Office.
  • Health information brochures are available.

Immunizations and their cost:

  • MMR – $65 each
  • Hepatitis B – $48 each
  • PPD – $10 each

The information you give to us is confidential!