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Express Yourself: Middlesex County College to Hold Tri-State Writers’ Workshop

A writers’ workshop open to the public will be held at Middlesex County College on Saturday, April 27. The program mixes sessions on writing skills with practical tips on selling what you have written. There is also a spoken word contest; the winner will receive $100. “This is a wonderful opportunity to spend the day with published writers and learn their secrets,” said Professor Melissa Edwards, who is coordinating the program. “We’ll have sessions on blogging, writing children’s books, memoirs, poetry, writing research papers, journalism, playwriting, how to teach creative writing, plus one on how to market your work. It promises to be an excellent program – and very valuable for writers and aspiring writers.” Public school teachers may earn six Professional Development Credits at the workshop. The program will run from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. Attendees may take part in a “spoken word/essay” contest, in which they present their own work. The winner will receive $100.

Lunch is provided. Workshops include:

The Memoir, Shirley Wachtel. Not an autobiography, the memoir is a distinct and wonderful genre.

Blogging, Chandra Hayslett. This workshop will focus on who should be blogging, sample topics, advertising your blog and making money off it. You will leave the class with your first blog post.

E-Prime, Dan Zimmerman. ? E-Prime is a writing process that excludes all forms of the verb to be. This simple, direct method can help clarify thinking and strengthen writing. You already often do it, pretty much without thinking. Find out how to turn your instinct into an instrument!

Creative Writing Workshop, Emanuel di Pasquale & Hank Kalet. Bring your essays, short stories and poems in for a critique. What is working? What isn’t? Constructive criticism will make you a better writer and poet.

How to Write Children’s Books, Frank Finale. Learn the art of children’s literature from this published children’s author.

Marketing Your Books and Magazine Articles, Shirley Wachtel. Have an idea in mind but not sure how to get it published? This is the workshop for you.

Teaching Creative Writing to Children, Melissa Edwards. It’s not the same as teaching creative writing to adults. Let kids’ imaginations soar and help them get their thoughts on paper.

Dream Journal, Mat Spano. Every night, we plunge beneath the surface into a world of mermaids and sea serpents, leviathans and angel fish – the world of dreams. In this workshop, we will learn techniques for recalling, recording, interpreting and realizing dreams by using the most effective dream-catcher of all—the dream journal, plus its practical uses and applications—from therapeutic effects to its use in creative projects.

The New World of Words, Lunchtime Panel. Enjoy a discussion with representatives from new media:, NJSpotlight, and others.

Journalism in the Digital Age, Hank Kalet. Newspapers are less powerful than they used to be, but journalism is as important as ever – maybe more so. What tools do you need to be a digital journalist in this new age?

Let’s Talk About Writing, Steven Barnhart. Bring your poems, essays, short stories and let Dr. Barnhart work with you, with a critical – yet constructive and encouraging – eye.

Writing for the Stage and Screen, Ben Marshall. Have an idea for a play or movie? This workshop will help you hone it into a script. Just curious about the process? That’s OK too.

Teaching the Research Paper, Melissa Edwards. Aimed at teachers, this workshop will show you how to teach the writing of scholarly and research papers.

Revising and Perfecting the Manuscript, Glenn Schiltz. Reading your work with a critical eye is often the most important part of the writing process. This workshop will give you the tools to do that.

“Express Yourself” is being offered as a fundraiser to support the publication of the Middlesex County College literary journal. The registration fee is $75 (same day registration is $80); students are $35. Teachers who enroll five students may attend for free.

For a flyer or to enroll, please visit, e-mail or call 732-906-4250.