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Fall tuition bills are due August 6. Go to: for office hours, online payment, payment plan and other information. Pay now to keep your pre-registration courses.  Registration for courses today through the start of classes requires same-day payment.


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 Contact Information
Director:Patricia Daly
Phone:732.906.2569 x3435
Location: College Center
 Contact Information
Director:Patricia Daly
Phone:732.906.2569 x3435
Location: College Center


ID Information

  • Student, Faculty and Staff ID’s are made in the Student Activities Office, Monday-Thursday, 9:30 a.m. – 6:30 p.m. and Fridays between 9:30 a.m. – 4 p.m.
  • Students MUST bring a current class schedule in order to get their ID’s.
  • Faculty and Staff MUST bring either a memo from their Chairperson/Director or a memo from Human Resources stating the department you work in, and your title.
  • Student ID’s are used for a number of reasons, but mainly it is a secondary form of photo ID. Student ID’s are used in the Library, Media Center , Blue Colt Bookstore, and computer labs. In order to use the computer labs, or take out books from the Library, you must show your current student ID.
  • ID stickers – every semester, you MUST update your ID with a semester sticker from the Student Activities Office. In order to obtain a sticker, you must show your current class schedule.
  • If you lose your ID, there will be a $10.00 replacement fee. The Student Activities Office will take cash or check (with a valid NJ drivers license) and you must have exact change.


  • The Office of Student Activities offers a variety of discount tickets.
  • We sell AMC (previously Loews) and Regal Movie Tickets for $7.00 each.
  • Broadway Discount Coupons are also available through our office. These vary depending on what we are sent.


Trying to sell a used car or used books? Trying to find a tutor? Bring in your posting to the Office of Student Activities to get your posting stamped with approval in order to put it up throughout the college campus.

Special Events

We have events such as lectures, parties, films (played in the College Center lounge), free refreshments, giveaways, etc. Be sure to check your PATHFINDER and signs in the College Center for upcoming events.


The Office of Student Activities offers a free Pathfinder to every student. The Pathfinder lists all student clubs and organizations, campus resources, campus departments, campus policies and procedures, as well as a list of all buildings on campus including a campus map.

Food Services

Gourmet Dining LLC is located in the College Center , and can be reached at (732) 906-2541. All food for all events on campus must go through Gourmet Dining LLC.