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Director: Fannie Gordon
Phone: 732.906.2546
Location: Edison Hall, Rm 100

Office Hours:
M, Th: 8am - 8pm
T, W, F: 8am - 5pm

Oct 12, Nov 11, Dec 24-25
Jan 1, 2016

 Contact Info / Hours
Director: Fannie Gordon
Phone: 732.906.2546
Location: Edison Hall, Rm 100

Office Hours:
M, Th: 8am - 8pm
T, W, F: 8am - 5pm

Oct 12, Nov 11, Dec 24-25
Jan 1, 2016

Biotechnology Agreement


This agreement is designed to assist students who ultimately desire a Bachelor of Science degree in Biotechnology from Saint Peter’s College.

After the first two years of study at Middlesex County College (MCC), students who have completed the prescribed curriculum and receive the Associate Science degree in Biotechnology will be guaranteed admission to Saint Peter’s College (SPC) with junior year status, if they achieve a curriculum GPA of 2.75 or better, with no grade of D in any required course. Students completing the Associate in Science Degree in Biotechnology from MCC may transfer 66 credits towards a B.S. in Biotechnology allowing them to complete their St. Peter’s College degree in two years of full time study following transfer. Final determination of admission will be made by Saint Peter’s College immediately upon receipt of the final semester’s transcript from MCC.

Those MCC graduates who do not meet the requirements for guaranteed admission to SPC will continue to be considered for admission through the regular admission channel. Graduates of other MCC programs will have their transcripts evaluated and may be asked to complete additional courses.

The GPA required for guaranteed admission will be determined every three years by mutual agreement between the Academic Dean of SPC and the Dean of MCC.


  1. The determination of major program requirements for a baccalaureate degree program shall be the responsibility of SPC
  2. Automatic admission to SPC upon completion of the associate degree at MCC with a minimum grade point average (GPA) of 2.75 or better on a four-point scale.
  3. A maximum of 66 credits from the Middlesex Biotechnology program may be transferred into the Biotechnology Program at St. Peter’s College.
  4. Credits transferred from MCC will normally be limited to the number of credits required for the associates’ degree, which generally equals half of the credits required for the baccalaureate degree, but not more than 66 for non-degreed students.The dean of the appropriate college at Saint Peter’s may approve exceptions to this rule. A minimum of the last 30 credits must be completed at SPC, including at least one half of the courses in the major field. A course by course equivalency will not be required for general education courses. The process for the evaluation of credits is outlined below:
    • All courses deemed by MCC as general education core courses will be transferable to SPC. They will be either a direct course equivalency, satisfying one of SPC’s Competencies/General Education Categories, or transfer as elective credits. However, no credit will be assigned to developmental courses.
    • Credits from MCC will be evaluated and applied to the major of choice in the following way: a course by course equivalency, fulfillment of a general education category, fulfillment of a major category, and elective credits.
    • Students receiving a “C” in a course will have the opportunity to transfer that course to SPC. The same standards will apply to transfer students as apply to native students.
    • Advising sheets will be created and updated annually to maximize the transferring of credits.
  5. For the purpose of general education, degree, and program requirements, MCC students will be considered as matriculating at SPC at the time of their original matriculation at MCC. MCC students will be subject to the same continuous enrollment guidelines as SPC’s students in determining which requirements and policies will apply.
  6. As permitted by law, SPC will provide MCC with requested data on the academic progress and status of students who had transferred from MCC.
  7. MCC associate degree holders, with a cumulative GPA of 2.75 will be eligible for scholarship incentives from SPC ranging from $2,500 to $10,000 for students. MCC students who transfer to SPC will be treated in the same manner as other native students of equal class standing when applying for financial aid and in the award and distribution of funds, subject to appropriate regulations.
  8. MCC students who transfer to SPC will receive the same consideration for campus housing as other native students of equal class standing.
  9. MCC students who transfer to SPC will be given the same opportunities to schedule classes and receive student services as other native students of equal class standing.
  10. Personnel from SPC will visit MCC at least once a year to discuss news and updates. Each institution will make the other aware of any curricular changes, revisions, or potential revisions in a timely manner.
  11. Either institution may terminate this Agreement at any time by providing written notice at least one year in advance of the effective date of termination. Students in progress at the time of termination will be permitted to complete their MCC program and then transfer to SPC under the terms of the Agreement.

This Agreement will become effective on January, 2010.

Middlesex County College
Edison, New Jersey
Saint Peter’s College
Jersey City, New Jersey
Uma Narayanan, Ph.D.
Program Director
Leonard J. Sciorra, Ph.D.
Chair, Department of Applied Science and Technology
Trace Gerow, Ed.D.
Chair of the Biology Department
Richard P. Petriello, Ph.D.
Interim Academic Dean CAS/SBA
Stephen Larkin, MHSA.
Interim Dean of Arts and Sciences
Marylou Yam, Ph.D.
Vice President for Academic Affairs
Karen Hays, Ph.D.
Vice President of Academic & Student Affairs
Eugene J. Cornacchia, Ph.D.
Joann La Perla-Morales, Ed.D.


Sequence of Courses

Middlesex County College

Year 1

Semester I Credits Point
English 121 English Composition I 3
Biology123 General Biology I 4
Chemistry121General Chemistry I 3
Chemistry125 General Chemistry I Lab 1
Mathematics 131 Analytical Geometry & Calculus I 4
PED, Physical /HED Health Education Elective 1-3
Total Credits 16-18
Semester II Point
English 125 Literature 3
Biology 124 General Biology II 4
Chemistry 122 General Chemistry II 3
Chemistry 126 General Chemistry II Lab 1
Mathematics 132 Calculus II 4
Biology 132 Intro to Biotechnology 1
Total Credits 16

Year 2

Semester III Point
Biology 228 Genetics 4
Biology 229 Cell Biology 4
(OR) Biology 221 Microbiology
Chemistry 221 Organic Chemistry I 3
Chemistry 227 Organic Chemistry I Lab 1
General Education Social Sciences 3
General Education Humanities 3
Total Credits 18
Semester IV Point
Biology 251 Molecular Biology 3
Biology 252 Molecular Biology Lab 1
Chemistry 222 Organic Chemistry II 3
Chemistry 228 Organic Chemistry II Lab 1
General Education Social Sciences II 3
Intermediate PC Applications with programming 3
Total Credits 14
Total MCC Biotechnology Credits 64-66

Saint Peter’s College

Year 3

Semester V Credits Point
Pc185 General Physics I 3
Pc187 General Physics I Lab 1
Bc492 Biochem. 3
Th110 Religious Faith in the Modern World 3
Hs121 Western Tradition 3
Sociology Elective 3
Total Credits 16
Semester VI Point
Pc186 General Physics II 3
Pc188 General Physics II Lab 1
Bt420 Biomedical Apps. of Biotechnology 3
Th120 Christianity in the Contemporary Era 3
Hs122 World Perspectives in History 3
Sociology Elective 3
Total Credits 16

Year 4

Semester VII Point
Pl100 Intro to Philosophy I 3
Ml Language part I 3
Th/Pl Values 3
Bc420 Instrumental Methods of Biochem I 2
Bt429 Special Topics in Biotech 3
Bt440 Research Biotech I 2
Science elective 3
Total Credits 17
Semester VIII Point
Pl101 Intro to Philosophy II 3
Ml Language part II 3
Ar Fine Arts 3
Bc421 Instrumental Methods of Biochem II 2
Bt441 Research Biotech II 2
Science Elective 2
Total Credits 16
Total Credits SPC 65

TOTAL 129-131