Are used books available?
Yes, but they are sold the quickest. When used books become available, they are offered for purchase both online and in the store.

When should students have supplies & books?
Prior to the first day of class. In fact, students should read the first chapter of textbook before the first day of class. Class work and assignments begin immediately. However, don’t remove the access code from the books until after the student meets the professor on the first day of class.

If a student orders books online, how do they get them?
Students can choose to have the books shipped or come in to the Bookstore to pick them up. All purchases must be paid for at the time of the order.

What is the bookstore website?
www.bluecoltbookstore.com. Bookstore hours are M-Th 8:30- 4:30 & Friday 8:30-3:00pm until August 20. Starting August 20, hours are M-Th 8:30am-8:00pm and Saturday 8:30am-1:00pm.


Is there a phone number for inclement weather/campus closing?
You can also call the College’s emergency information line 24 hours a day at 732-906-2555 to hear recorded emergency announcements.

Are campus closing announcements listed on website? Announced on the local radio?
Yes: WNBC, FOX 5, WXKW 101.5 FM, News 12 Cablevision NJ as well as on our website: www.middlesexcc.edu. For more information, look at the Emergency Communications page.

What about other emergency announcements?
If a non-weather emergency should develop, MCC’s Emergency Notification System will contact registered students by e-mail, text messaging or voicemail. Students can elect to receive information about the Edison campus or the Perth Amboy or New Brunswick Centers, or all three. Signup is free BUT STUDENTS MUST SIGN IN for SendWordNow! Please note that the procedure for inclement weather will not change. If the weather looks questionable, check the College website, listen to local radio stations or call the Information Line at 732-906-2555 .

If a student is on campus late, can they be escorted to a car or to public transportation? If a car won’t start, can the student request help?
Yes, by using the red call buttons in the classroom buildings. Campus police can help with jump starts, unlocking vehicles etc so call them first.

If a student is stuck on campus late, which building will be open?
The College Center always remains open until all students have left campus. If a student is stuck awaiting a ride or in any other such situation, they should head over to the College Center.

Which lots are for student parking?
Student parking is designated in the following areas only: Parking Lot 1, 1A, 2, 4, 6 and 6A.

Student Activities

What kind of social activities does MCC offer?
MCC has a full compliment of sports, clubs and Student Activities events, including dances, trips and concerts. Students can also use the gym facilities to work out.

Academics & Academic Support

Are students assigned one primary contact person at MCC, like a counselor?
All full time students are assigned an advisor. They will receive a letter with the name and contact information for their advisor no later than the second week of the semester. Providing the student does not change their major, every effort is made to assign the same advisor for the duration of the student’s time at MCC. All advisors have posted office hours indicating drop-in hours and hours by appointment. The Academic Advising Center (located in Chambers Hall) is also available for all students, and operates on a drop-in basis. Students are also encouraged to meet with their department chairperson. Part time students, while not assigned an advisor, can meet with their chairperson or an advisor in the Academic Advising Center. In all cases, students must initiate contact with their advisor, the Academic Advising Center, and counselors.

Where is the Department of Counseling & Career Services located?
Edison Hall 100.

How does withdrawing from a class impact a student when time comes to transfer?
Most likely, one withdrawal wouldn’t be a problem. But a pattern of withdrawals is not advantageous. Students should seek to remedy academic issues with tutoring, workshops, meeting with advisor or counselor.

Until when can a student withdraw from a class?
Withdraw dates are published online.

How would a student know if they are eligible for NJ STARS?
The State of New Jersey did a mailing, but contact your high school to determine if your student was in top 15%.

Financial Aid

How do I file FAFSA?
www.fafsa.ed.gov The site to use to get the student & parent PIN numbers is www.pin.ed.gov. Dates & deadlines are listed on that site. Financial aid is available for book purchases on August 20.


Do students need a laptop?
Middlesex County College does not require students to use personal laptops in class. Most students do not carry a laptop to class, but a student may chose to do so to take notes. There are computer labs on campus for student use, and the Library offers free printing to all students.

Classrooms currently do not have wireless connectivity, but the Library does. Students with laptops that have a minimum wireless connection of 802.11 b/g can access wireless services at the Library. Once they click on their laptop’s web browser inside the Library, the student will receive instructions on what to do to login and use the wireless internet.

Also consider using standard word processing, presentation and spreadsheet software to facilitate sharing files with the student’s classmates and professors.