Respiratory Care

Associate in Science (A.S.) Degree

A degree in Respiratory Care is for individuals who like to help people of all ages recover from serious illness and who enjoy working with high tech equipment. All major courses taught at Rutgers SHRP. ‡

What do students learn by studying Respiratory Care?
They learn the latest techniques used to diagnose, treat and prevent cardiopulmonary disorders among infants, children and adults. Students also learn the work skills needed to get and maintain a satisfying job in the fast-paced health care environment. ‡

Are there any requirements that must be satisfied before taking classes in the major?
Algebra I is a prerequisite for all majors. Algebra I competency may be verified with a passing score on the College’s placement test or completion of the appropriate course. Students must also have a “C” or better in high school laboratory biology and laboratory chemistry and algebra II. As a result of the student’s performance on the College’s placement test, he or she may need developmental coursework. All developmental coursework must be completed before the student is considered for admission to the program. ‡

Can a student transfer to a four-year college or university?
The Statewide Transfer Agreement for New Jersey ensures that students who earn an A.A. or A.S. degree at a community college will have those credits fully transferable to a New Jersey public four-year institution, will have completed half of the credits required for a basic four-year degree and will have completed all of the lower division general education requirements. In addition, articulation agreements with private institutions may provide similar transfer provisions. Students should discuss the transfer process with an advisor. ‡

How long will it take to complete this degree?
Students can complete the degree in two years. They must register for the summer session at the end of their first year. ‡

Are there any special requirements once the student is admitted to this major?
He or she must meet the academic standards of progress outlined on the next page to stay in the program. ‡