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Council By-Laws

1. NAME: The name shall be the Council for Adjunct Faculty Development of Middlesex County College.

2. PURPOSE: The purpose of the Council shall be to promote a collegial exchange of information and ideas and to assist the College in providing those resources which will enhance the pedagogical skills of the adjunct faculty and, thereby, benefit the student body as well.

3. NUMBER OF MEMBERS: There shall be 12 full members on the Council. Nine of the members shall be adjunct faculty at Middlesex County College who have taught at least two semesters at the College. One member shall be an academic department chair and two members shall be drawn from administrators at the College. A full time faculty member shall serve as an ex officio, non-voting member.

4. CONTINUING QUALIFICATION FOR MEMBERSHIP: A faculty member who does not teach at the College for at least one semester (including winter and summer sessions) in the academic year ending on August 31st shall not be eligible for continued membership on the Council. The vacancy will be filled as detailed in paragraph 6 below.

5. TERM OF MEMBERS: While initially filling the nine faculty member positions, three shall serve for one-year terms, three shall serve for two-year terms, and three shall serve for three-year terms. Members elected to fill vacancies that occur shall serve for two-year terms. Two of the initial administrators shall serve for two-year terms while the third shall serve for a one-year term. Administrator members elected to fill vacancies that occur shall serve for two-year terms. Nothing in these by-laws precludes any member from seeking reelection.

6. SELECTION OF MEMBERS: An ad hoc Nominations Committee shall seek and qualify new members to fill an actual or anticipated vacancy. Election shall be by a majority of those present at a meeting called for that purpose.

7. OFFICERS: There shall be a Chair, Chair-elect and a Corresponding Secretary. The term of the Chair and Chair-Elect shall be one year and that of the Corresponding Secretary, two years. Vacancies shall be filled by a majority vote of those present at a meeting called for that purpose. Only faculty members can serve as officers.

8. COMMITTEE STRUCTURE: There shall be such ad hoc committees as the membership shall deem useful. The following standing committees shall be established and staffed as indicated:

Faculty Development Day Chair-Elect 5-7
Web Page Any Member 1-3
Publicity and Public Relations Corresponding Secretary 2-3
Peer-Mentoring Last Past Chair* 3-5

9. MEETINGS: There shall be meetings scheduled periodically throughout the academic year at such time and place as suggested by the chair and agreed to by the members. There shall be no fewer than four meetings per academic year.

10. QUORUM: A quorum shall consist of one half of the full members of the Council. A member may appear and vote by written or oral proxy, general or specific, given to another member of the Council.

11. VOTING: Matters coming before the Council require a majority vote of those present or by proxy at the meeting at which the matter is discussed, except for those matters which are declared by the Chair to be extraordinary. Such extraordinary matters shall be presented to the members on at least five days notice and require a three-quarters affirmative vote of those present in person or by proxy for passage. Notice shall be deemed given when a written memo is placed in a member’s on-campus mailbox and/or mailed to the member. In addition, telephone contact will also be attempted.

12. MINUTES: It shall be the responsibility of the Corresponding Secretary to ensure that minutes of meeting proceedings shall be taken and, when possible, distributed prior to the next scheduled meeting.

13. PREVIOUS BY-LAWS: Adoption of these By-Laws revokes any previous By-Laws adopted by the Council.

14. AMENDMENTS: Amendment of these By-Laws shall be deemed an extraordinary matter.

Adopted at the reorganizing meeting of the Council held on May 31, 2000.