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About the Council

The Council for Adjunct Faculty Development of Middlesex College was founded in 1988 out of the hopes, aspirations, and hard work of a group of adjunct faculty members, namely Ronald Goldfarb and Edward Ruhno under the guidance of then Director of Continuing Education, Barbara Greene. As stated in its By-Laws, “the Council is designed to promote a collegial exchange of information and ideas and to assist the College in providing those resources which will enhance the pedagogical skills of the adjunct faculty and thereby, benefit the student body.”

Among its many accomplishments, the Council points with pride to New Adjunct Orientation, Welcome Back Night and the Annual Adjunct Faculty Development Day. It is hoped that this website will assist the Council in its goals of disseminating information to our colleagues to enrich their classroom experiences.

The Council meets one evening a month virtually. Please visit the site frequently to learn more about the Council and its activities.