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Brian Cole ’05

Brian ColeWhat have you been up to since graduation?

About two semesters before graduating MCC, I hit the ground running being a non-traditional student with sons about to graduate high school. I started putting the trade I was learning to use (photography) and started selling my sports photos to the parents of student athletes. Booster Clubs began hiring me to capture the images of the seniors during game times to be turned into posters. About the same time a friend was covering entertainment events as a press photographer and invited me along. I shot my first concert ‘Fat Joe and the Terror Squad,’ as a press photographer, with an all-access pass. I was hooked! I started attending various types of events as a press photographer. During the winter session prior to graduating Professor Alane Poirier indicated, “a fellow alum, Rich Schultz, photographer for the New York Metro Stars, now the New York Red Bulls, was looking for an intern.” She recommended me and that assignment lasted after graduation. The internship led to a two-day assignment covering N.Y. Ranger Brendan Shanahan and N.J. Devil Patrick Elias. After graduating I shot an array of events and posted them on my website. A couple of my basketball images were picked up by Sports Illustrated and Punks Magazine for their printed publications. I was learning the business and decided to start my own publication. In 2009 I launched “In The Spotlight Magazine” and it is still publishing today.

What is one of your greatest achievements since graduating from MCC?

A combination of achievements that came from the magazine. (1) An interview with Kool and the Gang; (2) Interviewing Bobby Brown; (3) Having a fellow alum shot for my publication and then later hired for a Fashion Magazine; (5) When another alum artwork was used for the cover of I.T.S. The cover was a charcoal drawing of President Obama (awesome); (6) the writers of I.T.S. band had the opportunity to perform live as the house band at Times Square TV Studio. It has been an enjoyable ride with so many achievements and I don’t think it’s over.

What is your fondest memory of MCC?

Basketball with the fellas in the gym. Shooting for Tom Peterson every once in a while and traveling to Washington D.C. to protest the Iraq Gulf War.

What was your favorite place on campus, why?

Without a doubt I lived in the photo dark rooms. From the time it opened till closing, when I didn’t have class you could find me in the photo lab. Got to the point they gave me part-time work.

Who was your favorite professor and why?

To this day I still remain in contact with some of the professors. Professor Alane Poirier has been such an influence and helpful in getting the magazine started with words of encouragement (cause Lord knows the media industry ain’t easy) along with helping to find hard working students. Professor Poirier was there at the first meeting, which had 14 staff members and 5 of the 14 are still hanging out. There were so many professors, from the Graphics side Professor Francine Krimsky; Professor Warner Whitey with his knowledge of lighting; the Techs Scott Delia and Joe Valeriani provided great advice and friendship; Counselor Leslie Carter, always there to lend a listening ear; Director John Dunning for helping me get in the Honors Program and for the Student Activities Department and Audrey Davis for keeping me updated on the events going on at the college and there were some good ones.

If you could offer a current MCC student advice, what would it be?

If you read this article then you should know you have to go hard or go home. Don’t wait on others, don’t just be a follower, lead sometimes. Start networking. If you really are a go-getter and you are trying to get in the media industry as a writer, photographer, designer, model etc. and I don’t hear from you, then you need to read this again.