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Giorgi Dekanoidze ’14

What have you been up to since graduation?

I transferred to NJCU right after graduation, where I earned my Bachelor’s in National Security Studies. In 2016, I joined AmeriCorps and served for a year. Since May 2017, I have worked as an investigator with the New Jersey Department of Treasury.

What is one of your greatest achievements since graduating from MCC?

To have secured employment with the New Jersey Department of Treasury.

What is your fondest memory of MCC?

Getting in line for the diploma.

What was your favorite place on campus, why?

The Library was one my favorite places. It’s where I did my schoolwork and hung out with friends as well.

Who was your favorite professor and why?

Michael Paquette. He explained a subject matter in depth. Very knowledgeable. I use his advice every day as I work in the field.

If you could offer a current MCC student advice, what would it be?

Be involved, intern while in school and network as much as you can.

Why was attending MCC the right decision for you?

As a Criminal Justice major, MCC fully prepared me for the next level.