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Recent Shout Outs

Glorybel Diaz ’17

My favorite professor was Mrs. Przygoda because she was forthcoming about her expectations in the course, she made the information easy to learn, and if there were students struggling with the subject matter she would make herself available to help them. She truly cared about her students and wanted to make sure they were able to learn the material.

Brittany Santos ’18

James Jones was my favorite professor because he was the most “real world” professor.

Flor Sprinitis ’99

Shout out to Professor Ana Sadowska and Richard Ellison for their knowledge in the field and organization in teaching the class.

Raul Castillo ’16

Professor Carmine Genovese! Thank you, for helping me during my first semester back in school after some time off. You helped make the transition a smooth one. I’d also like to thank you for making History fun and interactive.

Matthew Sussman ’18

Raymond Trigg was one of my favorite professors. He made the policing classes fun and educational. He enjoyed his job and got us to enjoy his class. On a scale of 1-5 he would definitely get a 5.

Jenifer Garcia-Pelaez ’17

This is a tough one I love MCC staff! I give a shout out to Dr. Vega, Ms. Stowe, Mr. Marius, Ana Class-Rivera and Dr. Rabinowitz (greatest English professor) and Mrs. Toeleather Williams Thomas. They have all given me great advice to life’s toughest decisions and without them, I would not be able to face adversities. Thank you all!

Joseph Vitale ’18

Professor Heather DiBlasi teaching the Addiction Studies Program. I say without reservation that she was the absolute best professor ever! Professor DiBlasi is not only extremely knowledgeable but went above and beyond to ensure that each of her students were taught every aspect of the courses and in the field of addiction counseling. Her style of teaching was like no other and she made it a point to inspire and motivate all of us. She gave me the tools I now use to be a great counselor.  Joe V.

Tiffany Quinn ’15

Ms. Chappotin was kind, caring, and paid attention to what was going on in my life and amongst students. While everyone else could be intimidating she conveyed, “We are the same, we are strong, and we got this.”

Roseiry Jimenez ’17

Mr. Laureano has been the staff member who have influenced me the most. I was first introduced to Mr. Laureano thanks to a friend of mine. He deepened my love for furthering my education as a social worker and also pushed me to never give up. Mr. Laureano always pushed his students to take responsibility and inspires them to do their best in school as well as in the outside world. Because of him I am just one semester away from graduation and plan to go for my master’s degree in social work.

Ezinne Ochuba ’16

Lafayette Smith was simply amazing! He was part of my whole transition from Midlessex County to a 4 year university for nursing and looking back I couldn’t have done it without him. He gave me so much insight and always checked in to see if I was up to date with my classes and applications . We had a goal of getting into a nursing school as soon as I received my allied health degree from Midlessex and he saw it through . I made it! next year I will be graduating and I am so thankful!

Hitanshu Soni ’18

John Constantino is the greatest history professor I have ever had, hands down. All of his lectures were incredibly compelling and rich, because he had such an incredible personality. The way he would explain to students the history subjects was almost as If listening to an interesting story. He made me “addicted” to his lectures, and I couldn’t wait for his classes. Overall, Professor Constantino is the BOMB, and I wish that there were more inspirational professors like him in the world.

Uri Perez ’04

There are so many people who helped me out to accomplish my goals of graduating from MCC and continuing my education by advising, teaching, motivating and guiding. Those professors and staff are Dr. Victor Vega, Mr. Lafayette Smith, Ms. Evelyn Rosa, Dr. Jay Sachs, Dr. Popel, Dr. Bachmann, Dr. Blanco, Dr. Azzolino, Mrs. Sudipta, Mrs. Ostacher, Mrs. Karen Rodriguez, Mrs. Nalda, Rivera, Dr. Rowley, Mrs. Audrey Davis.

Jeana Ragan ’16

When I think about my time at MCC I can recall a lot of positive memories of the professors I had. However, there is one professor that stands out in my mind the most, and that is Professor John Kruszewski. I was in his evening world history class. I loved the enthusiasm he had for the subject he taught, and for his students. I always looked forward to his class. Above all else I always remember the story, and words of wisdom, that he shared with us the last day. They made a difference.

Nirali Patel ’18

Without Professor Patricia Payne’s guidance, I wouldn’t be able to stay strong throughout my goal. Throughout the semester, she has pushed me and helped me to reach my goal. She was persistent with her belief in me and helped me when I was down. She is and will always be my mentor.

Vikas Matta ’19

John Kruszewski is far more than just a Professor at MCC. Great lectures, great guidance and a true gentleman. Prof. Kruszewski is one of the good guys.

Matthew Haner ’18

Shout Out to Professor Condie.

Arti Gulraj ’16

Shout Out to LaFayette Smith – always pushes students to do better and believed in them.

Nahel Abunaim ’18

Judith Wilson! In nursing school Mrs. Wilson was not only an instructor, she was a COACH! I felt the love. It wasn’t just a job for her, she really CARED about her students. I felt I can ask anything without being judged. No matter how heavy her load was, she always made the time to help or explain . She has all the qualities that a nurse & an instructor should have and much more! Mrs. Wilson is AMAZING. She needs to be recognized for all she’s done!! I hope MCC Rewards her!! I ❤️ U Mrs. W

Jose Illa ’02

Shout Out to Professor Leah Gheridella.

Louis Decker ’76

Shout Out to John Paultz, Engineering.

Halimat Oshun ’16

The Entire EOF staff, Arianna Illa and Professor McMahon. Your hopes and expectations of me made me strive to be better. You are the best village a girl could wish for.

Jennifer Guerro ’97

Judi Lawrence, my supervisor when I worked as a student technical assistant at MCC the computer labs in Main Hall. She always encouraged me and was always there to listen to me.

Felicia Pendleton ’18

Andrew Dzurisin is an amazing professor and a wonderful human being. He’s funny, compassionate, and extremely smart. I’m thankful for all his help and knowledge on Sociology. Best professor no question!!

Stella Malkin ’77

Dr. Virgil Blanco, I had him for Spanish. He was very interesting and inspirational. Also, he talked about some cultural variations.

Ivan Ruiz ’95

I would like to thank Mr. Vastano and Mr. Tellone for sending me in the right direction and offering guidance wherever possible. It took me 6 years to graduate due to my difficult restaurant work schedule. They installed a great foundation for me to keep accomplishing my dreams. I managed 4-star restaurants have my Certified Master Sommelier diploma, I own a Wine Shop in Summit NJ and big part of my success, I owed much to Mr. Vastano, Mr. Tellone and MCC Hotel & Restaurant Faculty.

Ariel Furlong ’13

Dawn Fucito. Best nursing instructor ever.

Art Goodman ’68

Lynn Winick (Drama), gave me the ability to speak in front of large crowds. Also, I met my wife of 42 years (Alison Arnold 68) in the original theater.

Vrunda Patel ’16

Dr. Uma Narayanan, Dr. Virendra Kanwal and Dr. Brian Lavey are hands down the best professors at MCC. They have helped me succeed in my career while at MCC and even after. I can count on their guidance till date. I am soooo pleased to have taken them for my classes.

Patricia Bixel ’69

Two outstanding teachers: Prof Irene Pearse & Prof Elliot Pasternak. Both professors taught me to think in the abstract, to read great books, to compare & contrast writing styles & authors. They encouraged speaking up for your beliefs & learn as much as you possibly can. Both had a marvelous sense of humor.

Tara Canavea ’15

Ana Class-Rivera held a class at MCC open house for adults returning to college. I didn’t want to be there. I felt I was to old. Not smart enough. But one thing she said stood out. She said “you will be 50 one day why not have your degree. ” I left the workshop and filled out the paperwork. That September I started MCC. In 2015 I graduated and started Kean University. On the day of my 50th birthday not only did I have my AA but 2 BA’s and was sitting in my first class for my Masters!!!

Caroline Fernandez ’18

Ellen Shur was the most inspired professor who motivated me to always give my best . Also, Alice Picardo from counseling who guided me and gave me the support I needed.

Daphne Speck Bartynski ’08

Dr. Jean Volk. She nominated me for the MCC Judicial Board and always provided interesting and challenging class assignments. Timothy Dey, Esquire also had challenging classes.

James Teufel ’96

Professor Elliot Pasternack (History) and Professor Karoly Nagy (Sociology) inspired me to engage in learning and showed me that creativity and lived experiences could be effectively integrated into the classroom. Professor Pasternack’s unique perspective on history inspired me to critically think. Professor Nagy exemplified a passion for both life and social issues. Both were top tier lecturers. I am now a professor, and their brilliant lecturing approaches guide my teaching.

Belkis Peralta ’03

Lafayette Smith. He was such a big helper in my studies. When I was feeling like quitting because the work was so hard, he kept pushing me to achieve. He stayed on top of me to make sure that I was understanding the work and that I was doing the work. He was a big I influence in my career. Now a days I send family and friends to him who are planning or are attending MCC. He is someone who is willing to help any student to succeed. MCC has a passionate and dedicated counselor.

Thomas Pellegrino ’16

They all did. One team, one MCC.

Donna Pennyfeather-Williams ’77

Professor Jim Gronquist-Social and Rehabilitation Services
Jim had a “No Holds Barred” attitude when it came to teaching his students about the reality of today’s society and what we had to look forward to trying to change it for the better. He was a great professor and human being!

Victor Tavarez ’17

Professor V. Blanco is by far someone I will never forget. So inspiring, knowledgeable and open minded. I truly learned a great deal from him in such a short time! He not not only taught me Spanish language, but to keep an open mind and research what our Latino and Hispanic heritage is and how it should never be forgotten. Thank you Professor Blanco!!

Karime Cure ’18

Professor John Constantino is one of the best educators I’ve met. I still remember word for word about the history we learned. He made sure students understood the lesson. His teaching technique is by far the best I’ve encountered. Out off all the classes I’ve taken, this was the only one I felt that I actually learned something. If I took one of his tests right now I’d still get an A because I remember all the material. Wonderful professor!

Briane Peters ’08

Back in ’08 I took a Forensic Science class as an extra lab. Dr. Van Houten pulled me aside on the second day and said, “What are your plans after MCC?” I told him I wasn’t sure. Dr. Van Houten told me that “[I] have the skills needed in the field of Forensic Psychology, and [I] need to go to John Jay College”. I did some research, loved the topic, and went! Graduated in ’11 with my undergrad, then went to BU for my Master’s in Criminal Justice. Now I’m in CJ reentry & love it! Thanks!

Robert Pidoto ’80

Mr. Kenny taught us World History II. After reading the textbook before classes his lectures during each class were very pleasant and very interesting.

Barry Constantine ’74

I graduated in 1974 and Professor Eunice Leiberson was a strong influence on my career.

Harsh Shah ’16

Dr. Jason Holmwood, the way he explained psychology made it easy to comprehend.

Kate Scarinci ’17

Professor James O’Brien! I was unsure of what type of career I wanted to pursue, but after attending his Forensic Science class I developed a passion for CSI! Since graduation, I have completed a forensic-related internship with a local agency and am pursuing my degree at John Jay College of Criminal Justice in NYC. I thank Professor O’Brien for the knowledge I gained during his classes, for always responding to my never-ending questions, and for the guidance he has provided me with thus far.

Emily Harkins ’17

Professor James O Brian, my Introduction to Forensic Science professor. He saw my drive and enthusiasm towards learning forensic science, welcomed how autism gives me a unique perspective of things, and has encouraged me as I work my way towards becoming a CSI. I am forever thankful that he was a mentor to me.

Stephen Makwinski ’17

The MCC professor that had the greatest impact on me was Professor Jane Lasky. I took Professor Lasky’s English Composition 2 and Cinema Studies courses. Both of these classes were incredibly beneficial for improving my writing, but also for giving me a newfound respect and admiration of films. Professor Lasky was a treasured resource, she even wrote one of my recommendation letters, which was no doubt instrumental in my acceptance to Columbia University, where I currently study.

Gary Kovacs ’69

Ian Smith, History of Western Civilization, the epitome of a professor!

Lakhwinderpal Singh ’11

The professor who truly helped me was: Christine Wathen.

For Staff, it was Pamela Hedberg, Venetta Ellerbe, Alex Arauz, Nalda Rivera, Thomas Foga, Rose Cofone, Michael David-Wilson!! I had the privilege of working with everyone who have shaped my life thus far.

Tom Senker ’86

I have great memories of classmates, professors from the mid-80s. The late Prof. Thomas Handler of Electrical Engineering Tech Dept would stand out the most. His love for his students, career, class material and life was always evident. Even after 35 years, a fellow classmate and I still discuss the mannerisms, diction and body language of Prof. Handler on every phone call. He was also supportive of a career change of mine, post graduation- with a Mailed Letter!! He is never forgotten!

Dorothy Bitetto ’69

Professor Lynn Winik changed by career path and life. During my last year at MCC in Secretarial Science, she sat me down and asked, “What do you really want to do in life?” I told her my passion is theater, film and TV. With her guidance, I spent the next three years at the Lester Polakov Studio & Forum of Stage Design in NYC. From there I started my career at WNET/13 PBS in the Great Performance department of Theater In America. That started my long career in television, film and theater.

Anthony Osbourne ’09

SHOUT OUT to Professor Fred Hertrich for inspiring me to go to law school and become an attorney.  I attended Professor Hertrich’s Political Science course in my second year at MCC.  One day after class he told me that, based on the way I analyzed some of the topics we discussed, I would be an excellent candidate for law school.  Based on his recommendation I sat for the LSAT, and the rest is history.  If it was not for Professor Hertrich’s encouragement, I might not be an attorney today.

Cody Smith ’18

The professor that had the most profound affect on me was Prof. Stickler of the Mechanical Engineering Tech department. I first met him in AutoCad 1. From that point on, he encouraged me to strive for greatness. He also knew very well what I was capable of, and pushed me to do better. He not only was courteous and respectful, he gave me great advice that I will surely never forget.

Patricia Donegan ’81

Saul Kelton. Psych, Abnormal Psych, Social Psych.
He made class interesting. He was a cool college professor. My love for psych started in his class. I will never forget our trip to Marlboro State Hospital.

Joseph Michelsohn ’87

I’ll declare this a tie between Dorothy Steinsaper (Accounting), Aggie Azzolino (Mathematics), and Thomas McCoy (Business Law). They all took teaching very seriously, they were all detail oriented, and kept their students pointed toward learning what needed to be learned. They taught persistence and preparation (drilled it in).

Carole Amendola-Iwanowski ’00

The professor who made the greatest impact on me is Jerome Olson. I was starting life over & going back to school was tough. His style was no nonsense, but reasonable. His expectations high & his assignments challenging. Mr. Olson took time with his students and facilitated the learning process. He instilled much confidence in me, made me believe in myself and encouraged me to achieve. I now teach Language Arts to special needs students & I am still inspired by him & so are my students.

Dan Buchanan ’96

Pat Payne was an amazing professor. She really cared about her students and making sure they knew the material.

Timothy Brasko ’78

I serendipitously attended “English 121”, a required course for all incoming Freshmen, in September 1976 at Middlesex County College. The course was presented by Professor Alice Jackson Stuart. Born in 1913, Professor Stuart was the granddaughter of slaves. Such a wonderful person, Professor Stuart genuinely cared about my interests in reading and writing, as I’m sure she did with all of her students whose enthusiasm was similar to mine.

Zusette Dato ’04

Dr. Ronald Goldfarb helped me through my nearly ten year program at MCC. I returned to school as an older student. I was a single Mom working full time in a law office. I was paying my own way through school while actively participating as a volunteer in my North Brunswick community. I took one class a semester and it was difficult to juggle all those challenges. Whenever I needed guidance along my long journey, Dr. Goldfarb made time. As an attorney, I respected his advice and patience.

Lorraine Lopez ’87

Prof. Edith Margolin was an inspiration to me in the 80s when I began my education at MCC. Sadly, I learned years ago that she passed. I will always remember Prof. Margolin and be forever grateful to her for what she taught me as a young lady in formidable years that extended beyond language instruction. Today I work for a Fortune 10 company in a leadership capacity and hope many professors like Prof. Margolin help educate and inspire students.
Lorraine Lopez
Director, AT&T

Patricia Beretta ’08

My Public Speaking Professor (I can’t recall his name after 10 years,) most definitely helped me overcome my fear of “stage fright.” He made the class fun, rewarding, and of all the classes to took at MCC, was one of my favorites 🙂

Reginald Cohen ’98

Dr. Carlton Fisher was one of my math professors. Dr. Fisher truly cared and ensured that I stayed on track with my education. He was also instrumental in my success after graduation. Because of Dr. Fisher a year after graduation I became a police officer in Baltimore County (the county where Dr. Fisher relocated after teaching at MCC). Unfortunately, Dr. Fisher passed away approximately 15 years ago. I will forever be grateful for his guidance. Lieutenant Reginald Cohen

Barry Finn ’01

Emmanuel Dipasquale because he was always soft spoken yet memorable and told a story how an artist paints a picture.

Ellen K Beagle ’88

I was a Psych major and took acting as an elective as it was something I was curious about. (not anything I wanted to ever do). Jim Morgan of the theater dept was my “counselor” if that was what it was called. I accidentally picked the wrong science and went to him to sign off on a different class. He put me in Stagecraft because they needed more people. I loved it so much, I went on to get a BA in Communications, and now act in community theater, TV and Film. All because of him.

Reinaldo Aviles ’04

John Newton Frary. The fairest and most well read of all academics at MCC. Professor Frary also had the most innovative grading system in the college.

Prosper Japheth ’16

Dr. Victor Vega, Ms. Flora Stowe, and Mr. Marius all of the EOF department. Without their guidance, I wouldn’t have been able to stay on track with all my educational goals.

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