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Stephen A. Makwinski ’17

Why did you choose MCC after graduating high school?

I chose MCC after high school because I knew that it would provide me with a chance to rebrand myself. I didn’t take high school seriously from an academic perspective and I had taken two years off directly after graduating. MCC’s tuition was incredibly affordable, there were transfer agreements in place, and it had a great sense of familiarity for me because my mom actually graduated from MCC many years ago.

What have you been up to since graduation?
Attended Columbia University. I just graduated Columbia (virtually) this May with my bachelor’s in economics. I plan on going into investment banking or finance.

What is one of your greatest achievements since graduation from MCC?

My greatest achievement since graduation from MCC has been matriculating and graduating from Columbia University, class of 2020!

However, my educational experience was definitely altered in the spring ’20 semester by COVID-19. The move to online classes was definitely unfortunate, but also understandably necessary. I had taken a few online classes at MCC during my time there so I did luckily have some idea of what to expect and how to adapt. Some professors elected to keep exams by using proctoring websites, while others opted to switch to assigning papers instead. All in all I think Columbia did an excellent job of not only transitioning to an all online system of learning but also of making the graduating class feel as special as possible, given the circumstances.

What was your favorite place on MCC’s campus and why?

My favorite place on campus was the library. The librarians were very welcoming and knowledgeable, and the library provided an excellent place to study or complete school work in between classes.

Who was your favorite professor at MCC and why?

During my time at MCC I learned something valuable from all of my professors. With that being said, professor Christine Wathen was the first professor I ever had here. Her accounting class that I took during a summer session sparked my interest in business and helped motivate me because I succeeded in the class. I also would like to specifically mention my English professor, Jane Lasky, who helped me vastly improve my writing ability. Her passion for film also gave me a greater appreciation for the art of cinema, and it also showed me the value of having a genuine interest in what you do.

If you could offer a current MCC student advice, what would it be?

Take MCC seriously because you get out of it what you put into it. All of the knowledge that you will need to succeed in your next endeavor, whether it be continuing your education or moving into a career, can be learned here at MCC.

Why was going to MCC the right decision for you?

MCC was the right decision for me because I needed a second chance at academics after I did not put enough effort in during high school. MCC gave me the chance to prove that I can be an outstanding student, and allowed me to open many doors that would not have been available to me had I not come to MCC.