Middlesex County College Grad Named Outstanding Co-Op/Internship Student of the Year

Jun 17, 2010

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Virginia Borough was named the Outstanding Co-Op/Internship Student of the Year for a two-year school. The award was presented at the New Jersey Cooperative Education and Internships Association awards program June 10 at Rutgers University.

Ms. Borough, who graduated in May, interned in the summer of 2009 at Phillips-Van Heusen, an apparel company with offices in Bridgewater.

“She’s extremely driven and motivated,” said Barbara Raido, the cooperative education coordinator at Middlesex County College. “She worked very hard and took the internship very seriously. When I visited her at the jobsite, I could see that everyone loved her there and she was really contributing.”

So much so that after the internship was over, Ms. Borough was offered – and accepted – a full-time job at the company.

Ms. Borough was a fashion merchandizing major at the College and worked with the Izod women’s buyer during the internship. Ms. Borough developed new skills, and she was part of a team of interns who developed a marketing proposal that was presented to an audience of 80 employees, including top-level executives of the company. They were very enthusiastic about the presentation.

She also coordinated a community service program to collect school supplies for needy children from employees at Phillips-Van Heusen. She designed the donation bins to look like eye-catching school buses; donations doubled from the year before.

“Prior to this internship, I knew becoming a retail buyer was the career I wanted to have, but now I know it is the career I need to have,” she said. “I worked very hard to show everyone that I was capable of much more than can be read on a resume.”

Arlene Abrahamsen, the Izod women’s buyer for Phillips Van Heusen, said Ms. Borough was a wonderful asset.

“Virginia worked well with all members of our team,” Ms. Abrahamsen said. “She is very enthusiastic to learn and displays a high degree of initiative. Virginia’s performance was everything we expect of our interns and more.”