Steadfast Student

Jul 8, 2010

When student nurse Cherika Wright went to check on a patient at Monmouth Medical Center, she knew something wasn’t right. She could feel it. The woman’s vitals weren’t significantly abnormal, but her hands were cold and she was unresponsive.

“I had a gut instinct that something was wrong,” Ms. Wright said. “I thought I better get someone.”

Ms. Wright called the rapid response team, an action that quite possibly saved the patient’s life.

Ms. Wright was presented with the Monmouth Medical Center Student Nursing Award at its annual awards ceremony in May.

“Cherika jumped right in, answered questions, obtained equipment and was a true professional,” said Ellen Angelo, Ms. Wright’s supervisor at Monmouth Medical Center, who presented the award. “She remained calm and confident the entire time. The patient did well and was ultimately discharged home with no further complications. The staff still talks about this student’s efforts to this day.”

Ms. Wright, who will be in the second year of the Middlesex County College nursing program this fall, was at Monmouth Medical Center for her clinical experience when the event occurred on April 15.

Nancy Berger, the program coordinator of the College’s nursing program, was not surprised that Ms. Wright was able to handle the emergency situation.

“It was wonderful that she was able to understand that the patient required immediate intervention,” Ms. Berger said. “If she can do that at this stage of her education, she has a great future in the profession. Cherika has excellent communication skills and is always well prepared. She is also a very warm, friendly and caring student.”