Women’s History Month Feature: Susan Perkins

Sue Perkins is Vice President for Finance and Administration at Middlesex County College. For 11 years she’s managed several key areas of the College, and her experience in the NJ community college network is more than 25 years.

Women’s roles have expanded tremendously during her career. When Sue began as a community college controller, there was only one other woman in the state with that responsibility. Now, more than a third of the 19 NJ community college controllers are women.

With the ever-changing landscape of regulatory, legal and environmental concerns, Sue must continually keep abreast of how they affect the College and then lead the campus in meeting challenges and requirements.

Sue is very involved in the National Association of College and University Business Officers (NACUBO), which advocates for higher education across the country. She is the chair of the Community College Council; under her leadership, several educational sessions that pertain to the special challenges faced by community colleges have been offered at national events around the country.

Sue is also active in state and regional business officer professional organizations. She is a regular presenter for the Higher Education Resource Services Institute (HERS), a national women’s leadership group.

Whether she is working on finalizing a budget for the campus or learning new ways to incorporate technology in support of student success, Sue does so with the understanding that her work, like the work of everyone at the College, affects student lives.

“I like working in higher education,” she says. “It involves helping people grow; it is much more than numbers on a page. Plus, I think it keeps you young and fresh.”


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