Business and Computer Science

Cooperative Education and Internships

CTC26The Co-Op program awards college credit for students working in a paid position in the computer field. Co-Op is an elective course available to students enrolled in the Computer Information Systems General or Network Options. In addition to working 180 hours per semester, Co-Op students are required to attend a seminar which discusses career related topics. You can apply for a Co-Op job by contacting the Computer Science & Information Technology Department. You may also have your current job evaluated as a potentially acceptable Co-Op position. To be considered, your job must be computer- related.

Some positions held by former Co-Op students include:

  • Help Desk Staff
  • PC Support Technician
  • Programmer
  • Network Administrator


  • A GPA of 2.5 or higher or the permission of the Chairperson
  • Recommendations from two Computer Science Professors

How To Apply:

  1. Pick up a Co-Op application package in the Career Services Office (ED100).
  2. Fill out the Co-Op application form.
  3. Ask two Computer Science Professors to complete a recommendation form.
  4. Prepare a current resume (please limit it to one page).
  5. Pick up a curriculum sheet for the curriculum in which you are enrolled. Mark each of the courses you have completed and write the grade you earned next to each course.
  6. Return your application form, your resume, and your curriculum sheet to Dr. Farrett.