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Business and Computer Science

Java Programming Certificate of Achievement

This Certificate of Achievement is designed for those students with at least two years of college education and who have completed courses equivalentto ENG 121 and MAT 129. Successful completion of this certificate prepares students to take entry level jobs as Java programmers.


Approved Programming Elective List (4 credits each):

CSC-211 Programming in Java

CSC-236 Data Structures in Java

CSC-241 Web Programming

Total Credits: 16

Program Outcomes

Graduates of the Program will be able to:

  • Apply problem solving techniques to develop programs of moderate complexity using the object- oriented paradigm and the appropriate data structures.
  • Declare and use appropriate data structures in programming activities.
  • Effectively use and administer the Unix/Linux operating systems and write Shell programs of moderate complexity.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why complete the certificate of achievement in Java & Web Programming?

This certificate of achievement provides students with an awareness of the internet and the world wide web. Publishing text, pictures, sound, and even video over the internet is becoming easier every day. Individuals who run small businesses with services to sell and people with stories to share will acquire the necessary skills to publish useful, attractive, and quality webpages. Upon completion of this certificate program, students will be able to create web sites and useful web pages.

Are there any requirements that must be satisfied before students can take courses in the major?

The certificate of achievement is designed for those students with at least two years of college level education, including ENG-121 English Composition I. Algebra I is a prerequisite for all majors. Algebra I competency may be verified with a passing score on the College’s placement test or completion of the appropriate course. Students must have completed or CSC-105 or CSC-107 or MCT-101 or demonstrated equivalent proficiency before beginning this certificate.

How long will it take to complete this certificate?

Once students complete developmental coursework (if needed), the certificate may be completed in 1-2 semesters. They can shorten the amount of time by taking courses in the summer and winter sessions.

Why take the certificate of achievement in Information Systems Security?

This certificate of achievement develops technical competence in Information Systems Security, an area that is critical to homeland security with rapidly expanding employment opportunities.

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