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Business and Computer Science

Student Organizations

In addition to allowing students to interact outside the classroom, these organizations provide opportunities to network via contacts with alumni, speakers, and other organizations. Educational trips and seminars are a regular part of organization life.


A student chapter of the Institute of Management Accountants (the world’s largest professional organization of accountants), the society, affiliated with the Raritan Valley Chapter, serves as a channel of communication among students, accounting faculty and the business community. Here students have the opportunity to meet professionally and socially, enabling them to further their overall education in accounting. In addition to sponsoring annual trips to the New York Stock Exchange and the Federal Reserve Bank as well as plant tours of manufacturing facilities, the society also participates in community service activities.


Welcoming all full- and part-time students interested in all areas of the law, the organization is pledged to the creation of an environment of mutual support among students and to the education and training of paralegal personnel. Members participate in social, educational and service activities related to the law, and they strive to uphold the highest ethical and moral principles and the pursuit of excellence in all they do.