Contact Information
Director: Susan Altman
Location: Center 1
 Contact Information
Director: Susan Altman
Location: Center 1

Dear Middlesex College CELT Colleagues:

Welcome back! We hope you are well rested and ready for an engaging Fall semester! This year’s theme is Inclusive Pedagogy as we continue the equity-focused conversations that we started last spring with an emphasis on engaging all learners. Our fall programming is relevant to all instructional modalities, and we invite you to join the conversation!

Join us for the virtual fall CELT Professional Day starting on August 31 at 11 AM with Creating Culturally Responsive Learning Environments in the Classroom, facilitated by Jennifer Altman and Alexandra Fields, followed by Engaging Students in Your Zoom Class, facilitated by Shannon Osborn-Jones of eLearning.

At 2 PM on August 31 is our Keynote Speaker, Dr. Mays Imad who will be speaking about Enacting Relational Pedagogy and Cultivating a Learning Sanctuary. Through her teaching and research, Dr. Imad seeks to provide her students with transformative opportunities that are grounded in the aesthetics of learning, truth-seeking, justice, and self-realization. On September 1 and 2 we continue with additional workshops, including a student panel, Student Voices: Increasing Engagement for all, and workshops on Boxlight, Canvas Studio, and more. Sign up for all of our workshops on Eventbrite. A zoom link will be emailed to you the evening before the event.

Let’s catch up! Connect with your Middlesex College colleagues on Thursday, September 9 at 2 PM at our CELT Virtual Open House.

As we return to our classrooms for some of our courses and still teach remotely for others, we still have questions about the best way to support our students. Our monthly SOTL and Tech sessions will cover numerous topics to help answer those questions, including Resource Roundtable: Supporting Our Students, Hard Conversations: Managing Controversial Topics, UDL: Giving all Students an Opportunity to Learn, Trauma-informed Teaching: What Have We Discovered, Technology for all: Equity in Tech and Policy and Practice: Bringing Equity to Your Classroom.

As we move forward, innovation and creativity can lead the way. CELT is here to support you on this journey.

Have a successful fall semester and welcome back to Middlesex College!

Be well and healthy,

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