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 Contact Information
Director: Susan Altman
Email: celt@middlesexcc.edu
Location: JLC 230
 Contact Information
Director: Susan Altman
Email: celt@middlesexcc.edu
Location: Center 1

Dear Middlesex College CELT Colleagues:

Welcome to the CELT Homepage! The theme for the 2022 – 2023 academic year is Playful Pedagogy. Playful pedagogy maintains academic rigor, and research shows that play supports experimentation, risk-taking, creativity, and innovation. Join us as we discover new strategies to bring the joy of play into our in-person or virtual classrooms.

Join us for our many workshops as we return to in-person programming. Our workshops begin the week before classes start, and continues throughout the semester. CELT Tuesdays focus on SOTL (Scholarship of Teaching and Learning) research and pedagogy and our TECH Thursdays focus on using technology
effectively in the classroom. Our monthly SOTL and Tech sessions will cover numerous topics to help answer your questions, share ideas, and provide useful strategies to apply in your classes.

Catch up and connect with your Middlesex College colleagues at our CELT Open House, held at the start of each semester. Stop by The ACE Center for Faculty Resources in JLC 230 to meet your colleagues and see our new space, which we share with the adjunct center and eLearning.

Discover helpful resources on our CELT webpages. We are working to update and upload content, so take a look and return to see what is new!

Read our monthly newsletters found on the CELT website. Each month the newsletter offers relevant articles and teaching tips, as well as updates and reminders about workshops and other opportunities.

Nominate a colleague for the Middlesex College Teaching Awards or Middlesex College Scholar Award and recognize the accomplishments of our excellent faculty.

Share your Faculty Accomplishments and let us know your professional activities and scholarship.

Present a workshop to your faculty colleagues. CELT is by the faculty for the faculty and we are always looking for interesting workshop ideas from our Middlesex colleagues. Let us know what you are interested in presenting.

New to Middlesex? Reach out and join our mentoring program for “New to Middlesex” adjuncts. We will match you with both a department mentor in your discipline and a CELT mentor. Let us know how we can support you in your first semester at Middlesex

Are you an adjunct faculty member? This year we have programming specifically geared towards adjunct faculty. Join one session, or all of them and meet and share ideas with colleagues from across the disciplines.

Have a specific question about teaching? CELT can provide research and recommendations specific to your inquiry. Reach out to CELT for a consultation. We love a good pedagogical challenge!

As we move forward, innovation and creativity can lead the way. CELT is here to support you on this journey.

Have a successful semester and welcome to the Center for the Enrichment of Learning and Teaching at Middlesex College!

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