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 Contact Information
Director: Susan Altman
Email: celt@middlesexcc.edu
Location: JLC 230
 Contact Information
Director: Susan Altman
Email: celt@middlesexcc.edu
Location: Center 1

Faculty Award Recipients 2016

Susan Altman, MCC Faculty Scholar 2016

Susan Altman is an Associate Professor and Assistant Chairperson in the Visual, Performing and Media Arts Department. She earned her B.F.A. from the State University of N.Y. at Buffalo and her M.F.A. in printmaking from the Tyler School of Art of Temple University. Professor Altman has an impressive body of scholarship both in her studio practice and her SOTL research. She maintains an active studio practice in printmaking and drawing as well as working as a curator. She is the recipient of numerous grants and fellowships including a Jerome Foundation Fellowship for Emerging Artists and an Artist Fellowship in Printmaking from the New York Foundation for the Arts. Her work has been exhibited both nationally and internationally and can be found in numerous private and public collections including the Franklin Furnace Artist Book Collection at MoMA, The Brooklyn Museum, The Art Institute of Chicago, and the Library of Congress.

Professor Altman’s research related to pedagogy in the teaching of studio art has been published and presented at numerous conferences including the College Art Association Conference, the FATE: Foundation in Art Theory and Education Conference and the Lilly Conference for Teaching and Learning. Professionally, she is active in the College Art Association, both as a mentor and a member of the Professional Practices Committee, working on standards and guidelines related to the disciplines of studio and art history. As the president of the Community College Professors of Art and Art History, she is actively involved in pedagogy at community colleges nationwide. A CELT Executive Board member since its inception, Professor Altman is involved in programming and the mentor program for new faculty. Teaching for over 32 years, Professor Altman shares her scholarship and passion for teaching studio art with her students on a daily basis.

Christine Harrington, MCC Excellence in Teaching 2016

Dr. Christine Harrington is a Professor of History and Social Sciences, and formerly the director of Middlesex County College’s Center for the Enrichment of Learning and Teaching (CELT) and the coordinator of the Student Success course at MCC. Dr. Harrington is the author of “Student Success in College: Doing What Works!”

Dr. Harrington “is truly a master teacher among master teachers,” said Dr. Mat Spano, a member of the selection committee. “She effectively channels all of her research and publications in pedagogy and the psychology of learning into her lectures, lesson plans, activities and assignments. The effortless way in which she seems to have integrated her years of research into her teaching philosophy is quite impressive. She makes it look easy, but those of us who know the breadth and depth of her research as well as the many challenges involved in reaching our student population appreciate her achievement in classroom teaching. In particular, we applaud her skillful implementation of scaffolding, writing-to- learn activities, collaborative learning (the way it should be done), motivational techniques, support systems, and formative assessment. A master teacher has the ability, the experience, and the versatility to reach multiple audiences and guide them to the learning outcomes. Professor Harrington does all of this, and more.”

Dr. Harrington started in the Counseling and Career Services Department in 2000 and moved to teaching faculty in 2007 in the Department of History and Social Sciences. From 2011-2016, she served as director of CELT, which provides professional enrichment activities for faculty members at MCC. She had been on CELT’s advisory board since 2004. Dr. Harrington received her Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees from The College of New Jersey and her Doctorate from Lehigh University.

Patricia Kiernan, MCC Excellence in Teaching Part Time 2016

Patty Kiernan teaches her students how to learn. There are no flashy tricks, or simple shortcuts. The key component to Prof. Kiernan’s success is that she is emotionally invested. She is a proud alumnae of Middlesex County College (class of ’05) and believes the purpose of MCC is to provide students a second chance to achieve greatness.

Ms. Kiernan started working at MCC as a peer tutor in 2003 and quickly found her niche tutoring statistics, math and accounting courses to students who were terrified of numbers. She teaches her students to translate complex mathematical equations into common English.

Prof. Kiernan was one of the first instructors at MCC to fully embrace a flipped classroom model, where students watch a video lecture before class and work on projects in class. This method allows her to offer individualized instruction to all of her students and adapt instruction as needed. During a traditional lecture period, she will explain why a formula exists, but she will not explain how to do a problem. Instead, she uses carefully worded questions to have her students to find the formula on their own and translate the formula into statistical notation.

Ms. Kiernan has managed to make statistics education look easy. She uses a combination of technology, educational psychology, and a heaping dose of real Walt Disney World data to condition her students into believing that statistics can be fun.

She is also a CELT executive board member for the 2016 – 2017 academic year and the volunteer Faculty Adviser for the M3 Club (Middlesex Math and the Mouse Club) that allows MCC students to explore advanced math and statistics topics to various aspects of Walt Disney World vacation planning.

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