Contact Information
Director: Christine Harrington
Location: Center 1
 Contact Information
Director: Christine Harrington
Location: Center 1

Faculty Scholar Award


All full-time faculty are eligible to be considered for the MCC Faculty Scholar Award. To receive this award, the candidate must have demonstrated significant and scholarly contributions to his or her discipline and/or to higher education, such as:

  1. Publications, art shows, inventions, exhibits, performances, etc.
  2. Professional presentations at conferences and other venues
  3. Research (academic, institutional, pedagogical, etc.)
  4. Recognition from an external association or organization (including recognitions for research, development, or other academic achievements)
  5. Leadership role and/or active participation in professional associations (board member or officer of a state or national organization; reviewer for journals)

Through one or more of the above, the candidate must have made outstanding contributions to his or her field or specialization, or to higher education. The candidate must be considered an “expert” in his or her field as evidenced by one or more of the above mentioned contributions. Please note that the evidence presented for this award must have occurred within the past five years.


Anyone in the college community may nominate a candidate for the award or individuals may nominate themselves by completing the form below. Nominations must be received by December 15th at 5:00 p.m.

Faculty Scholar Award - Nomination Form

All nominees will be notified and be asked to submit the following in support of their nomination by February 1st:

  • Summary of Scholarly Work (description of contributions to the discipline or higher education and the importance of these contributions; no more than five pages)
  • A current curriculum vitae demonstrating scholarly research and expertise in the field (including scholarly work, publications, book publications, exhibitions, performances, national and/or international recognition for scholarly contributions)
  • Copies of articles, books, exhibits, or other evidence of scholarly work.


Members of the CELT Advisory Board and the Vice President for Academic and Student Affairs will constitute the selection committee.  They will review the documents referenced above and discuss the nominations.  The selection committee will make a recommendation to the College President for the MCC Faculty Scholar Award.


The candidate will be notified by the College President of his or her selection.  The MCC Faculty Scholar Award winner will be invited to accept the award at a ceremony in March and will make a presentation based on his or her achievement.