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Shannon Pullaro, a board member of the Center for Enrichment of Learning and Teaching, has taught economics and business at Middlesex College since becoming an instructor for the Department of Business and Computer Science in 2019. Shannon has taught since 2004 as an adjunct professor at various colleges, including Middlesex. Since becoming a full-time faculty member, she has incorporated community-engaged learning into a marketing, microeconomics, and macroeconomics courses, believing that students succeed by linking their service and reflections to the curricula. She earned a BS in Marketing Management from St. Peter’s University, an MBA from Seton Hall University, and both MA and PhD degrees in Economics from Fordham University.

As both a first-generation college graduate and the daughter of an immigrant whose first language was not English, Shannon connects with our diverse students through compassion and encouragement toward academic success. CELT is an integral part of guiding faculty toward those aims. For this reason, her passion for teaching has developed her passion for the work at CELT.