March 27, 2020: Remote Instruction and Services to Remain Online Through the End of the Semester

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 Contact Information
Director: Susan Altman
Location: Center 1
 Contact Information
Director: Susan Altman
Location: Center 1

Open Door Classrooms

One of the best ways to learn is through observation. Many faculty are participating in our Open Door Classrooms project, allowing other faculty to come and visit their classroom. If interested, contact a faculty member below to set up a classroom visit. If you’d like to add your name to this list, please contact

Susan Altman, Art
Nick Archer, Political Science
John Constantino, History
Donna Marie-Gardener, Biology
Christine Harrington, Psychology and Student Success
Jim Finne, Engineering
Patricia Kiernan, Math, Psychology
Michael Paquette, Criminal Justice
Martin Samelson, American Sign Language
Tracey Siegel, Nursing
Kathy Shay, Mathematics
Christine Wathen, Accounting and Economics
Tracey Young, Biology

Virtual Open Door Classrooms

Virtual open door classrooms are also available. The teaching demonstrations allow you to see faculty teaching. If you would like to do an online teaching demonstration and participate in our virtual open door classroom project, please contact