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Middlesex County College Graduation Address

Valedictorian for the Class of 2009, Saarth Shah

Respected president, vice-presidents, faculty, my family and dear friends. I would like to thank everyone present. Today, we celebrate our success after all these years of hardship, struggle and perseverance. Let us thank God for His unceasing grace and guidance; our professors, for their immeasurable dedication; our parents for their unconditional support a throughout these years; and our friends who walked along with us, side by side.

I came from India 2 years ago. In India, I had a great education in mathematics and other sciences, which helped me a lot here. However, having studied at a school that did not teach in English, learning to work in a new language was a hurdle. Having learned all the subjects in my traditional language, I was quite intimidated when I attended my first class at MCC. A wise man once said, “Challenges are what make life interesting; overcoming them is what makes life meaningful.” At Middlesex, I was able to overcome this language challenge. I started settling down because of the comfortable environment created by teachers in the classroom and support of my friends. Semester after semester passed by and things kept getting better. Middlesex County College has played a big role in transforming me to a person that I am today.

Middlesex gave me a wonderful education and so much more. We all worked hard during our time here, however, as one famously said, “Hard work never brings fatigue, it brings satisfaction.” I especially would like to mention Professor Paul Bachman, for giving me the chance to participate in the Garden State Undergraduate Math Competition, and find out that I love math. I’d also like to thank Professors Thomas Drew, John Gaspar and Dr. Steven Zale, without whom I would not be standing in front of you.

We all entered Middlesex County College to help us reach our dreams. These dreams are not those we see in our sleep, but rather those that keep us awake. Leaving this institution, I hope that everyone uses that education to reach these dreams, and discover new ones in our futures. Personally, my next step is to continue my education at Rutgers University in computer science and mathematics. Congratulations CLASS OF 2009!!! WE DID IT!!!