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Middlesex County College Graduation Address

Valedictorian for the Class of 2011, Farah Manzoor
Farah Manzoor

Respected president, vice presidents, faculty, family members and friends,

We have gathered here today to celebrate our accomplishments. This momentous event marks the end of a very significant phase of our lives. It is indeed a great honor for me to be addressing you today.

My being here today is a testament to the fact that you can achieve anything that you set your mind to. My path has not been the most traditional route. I started here at MCC after a lapse of nearly 10 years in my formal education. It was my sister who convinced me to pursue a college degree, and I thank her dearly.

I would also like to thank my parents, who provided me with a solid foundation; my husband, who has always supported my decisions; and my entire family, especially the ones who came here today, for their assistance. They have raised, helped, guided and influenced me to become who I am today. To all the parents and family members out there, thank you for your constant support and endless encouragement.

Although much depends on the individual student, the professors and the academic environment are important factors in our success. Students at MCC are diverse. We have a broad range of interests, talents and activities. MCC provided all of us a wonderful platform on which to build our future. This college gave us the opportunity to receive good academic training, and it has prepared us for whatever tomorrow holds.

Professors, thank you for educating our minds and helping us to discover our interests. I have had the pleasure of being taught by some of the best professors here at MCC. Unfortunately I cannot name all of them, but I would especially like to thank Professor Deborah Lynch, Professor Barbara Bogner, Dr. Kathy Shay, Dr. Anthony Matagrano, Professor Brian De Uriarte, and Professor Wilson Class.

Even as one journey comes to an end, a new one begins. We still have a long road ahead of us. After graduation, we will all be going in our different directions. Some of us will be transferring to other colleges to earn our bachelor’s or master’s, while others may step right into the workforce. This may be the last time we are all here together, but our paths in life will one day somehow overlap. There is no way of telling right now what the people around you will become in the approaching years, or what you may pursue in life, but whatever you decide, go for it all the way. With the knowledge, skills and invaluable experiences that we gained here at MCC, we can overcome every obstacle.

Where we go from here and what new frontiers we are meant to discover remain unseen. No matter what tomorrow brings, be it the simplest path or a winding road, today we share an achievement. Today we take with us the memories, the knowledge and the self-satisfaction of a job well-done.

As we await what new adventure tomorrow will bring, it is important that we share a moment to reflect and appreciate our accomplishment. This graduation marks not only our passage from the buildings of MCC, but is also a declaration of our commitment and effort.

The path to graduation has not been easy for many of us. But for those of you who are here today, we have done it. Let me wish you luck and perseverance. I wish you all success on your individual life paths. Show the world what MCC graduates are capable of doing. Good luck and congratulations, Class of 2011.