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Veteran and Military Benefits

Middlesex College is approved by the NJ Department of Military and Veterans Affairs State Approving Agency, under Title 38, U.S. Code Section 1775 for veterans’ training. GI Bill benefits may be used for certain programs. Questions concerning eligibility and certification may be directed to The Veterans Services Center by calling 732-906-7770 or by emailing vets@middlesexcc.edu.

Refund and Cancellation Policy

We are pleased to offer you a refund or credit for a class from which you withdraw if you notify us at least five working days before the start of class. No refunds will be issued thereafter. Refunds and credits are processed upon the receipt of an official Withdrawal Form. Call 732-906-2556 to request the form. A $20 processing fee will be deducted from your refund. The College reserves the right to limit registration for courses, to cancel courses where there is insufficient enrollment, to combine or divide sections and to change time, day and instructor. In these situations, students are eligible for a complete refund. The Career Training Center’s Refund and Cancellation Policy may significantly differ from the above; contact the Career Training Center at 732-906-4231 for this information.

Late Registration Fee

Register before the first day of the course in order to avoid a late fee of $20.

Change Fee

We will accept your course change with a $20 fee.

Student Rights: FERPA

Middlesex College complies fully with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974. This act is intended to protect the privacy of your educational records. Copies of complete policy are available in the FERPA section of the most recent Middlesex College e-Catalog. Click on Students’ Rights and Responsibilities, then click on FERPA. For questions concerning the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act, call Registration at 732-906-2523.

Student Rights and Responsibilities: Code of Student Conduct

In order to provide for the maximum safety and wellbeing of the College community, including guests, certain standards of behavior have been established at the College. These standards of conduct apply to students engaging in College sponsored activities both on-and off-campus.

For more information, see Code of Student Conduct section under Students’ Rights and Responsibilities in the most recent Middlesex College e-Catalog.

Emergency Closings

The College is in full operation every scheduled class day. In certain cases, the interest of all concerned is best served by cancellation or delayed openings of classes. Announcements are made on the College website, middlesexcc.edu. You may also call the Middlesex College Information Line at 732-906-2555. All announcements should be noted carefully. On certain occasions, morning, afternoon, or evening classes only may be delayed or canceled.


Free parking is available to students who register for courses located on the Edison campus. Other course locations may be subject to local parking fees.

Students with Disabilities

Middlesex College provides reasonable accommodation for qualified individuals with disabilities. However, all students must meet the essential functions of the program. Students are advised to consult the College’s Disability Services Policies and Procedures. For more information, call 732-906-2546.

College Bookstore

The College Bookstore carries required books as indicated in course descriptions. For current operating hours and general information, call 732-906-2539. To purchase books online, visit the Middlesex College Official Bookstore.