Professional Certificates

911 Dispatch Certification
Successfully complete Emergency Telecommunicator and Emergency Medical Dispatch (EMD) listed below and qualify for the 911 Dispatcher Certification. Learn more

Animal Business Certificate
Gain the skills necessary to stay ahead of the “pack” in the animal care industry. It is not “a walk in the park” but it is a business that is flexible and fun, and may easily increase your income. Learn more

Animal Control Officer
Enroll in this Certified Animal Control Officer (ACO) course, approved by the NJ Department of Health and receive instruction regarding animal control from eight of the foremost experts in NJ. Learn more

Appliance Repair Certificate
According to the Department of Labor, “Job opportunities for home appliance repair technicians are expected to be excellent over the 2008-2018 period, with job openings continuing to outnumber jobseekers.” If you enjoy working with your hands and fixing things, this is the program for you. Learn more

Certified Nursing Assistant Certificate
Topics include anatomy, physiology and medical terminology, patient and staff safety, patient hygiene, basic nursing care procedures, infection control practices, applicable laws and regulations related to the role of the CNA. Learn more

Construction Management Certificate
If you are a construction worker, contractor, sub-contractor, building owner, facility manager or architect who would like to learn to manage construction projects in a more professional way, this program is for you. Enroll in the courses on an individual basis or complete the Certificate program. Please note and comply with any listed prerequisites. To qualify for the Construction Management Certificate, complete the five required courses below. Learn more

Content Specialty Certificate
Gain content specialty training in order to teach upper elementary and middle school content – English, science, history, and math. This program is ideal for teachers who want to become qualified to teach middle school and broaden their employment prospects. Learn more

Dialysis Technician Certificate
If you are a health care provider who wants to specialize in dialysis therapy and understand the principles of kidney failure, this essential training program is for you. Learn more

Drone/UAV Repair & Maintenance Technician Certificate
Drones are going to work every day, and so can you – as a Drone Repair Technician! Prepare for these high-tech positions in this hands-on program. Goldman Sachs Research forecasts that between now and 2020, there will be a $100 billion market opportunity for drones – helped by growing demand from commercial and civil government sectors. Learn more

ECG/EKG Technician Certificate
Topics include anatomy and physiology of the heart, set-up and operation of an ECG/EKG machine, identification and description of basic waveforms and placement of electrodes. Learn more

Electronics for High Tech Industries Certificate
According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, “Employment of electrical and electronics installers and repairers of commercial and industrial equipment is expected to grow by 5% from 2010 to 2020.” Learn more

Health Information Coding Certificate
Entrance Requirements:Proficiency in spoken and written English
Qualify for this certificate after you successfully complete the four required courses:Medical Terminology and Anatomy for ICD-10 Coding, ICD-10-CM / PCS Medical Coding, CPT-4 Coding I, CPT-4 Coding II. Learn more

Human Resources Certificate
Gain valuable skills to advance your career, benefit your organization and enhance your chances for promotion. Learn more

Industrial Electrical Maintenance Technician Certificate
Prepare for employment as an Industrial Electrical Maintenance Technician, with the option of sitting for Level 1 PMMI Certification (Industrial Electricity 1). PMMI, The Association for Packaging and Processing Technologies, is the leading global resource for processing and packaging. Learn more

Management Certificate
If you are being asked to manage, supervise or lead a team, or want to refine your management skills, have no formal supervisory training, are about to be promoted, or are just thinking about management as a career path, this program is for you. Learn more

Medical Assistant Certificate
Program Requirements:In addition to successfully completing the 12 courses in the Medical Assistant Program, you must: Wear a complete set of solid color scrubs to each class. White lab coat is required for Phlebotomy III. Closed toe shoes are required daily. Learn more

Microsoft Office 2016
Make yourself more marketable and efficient. If you have little or no knowledge of MS Office products and want to learn more about MS Office, this comprehensive series is for you. Learn more

New Jersey Uniform Construction Code
The N.J. Uniform Construction Code requires candidates for licensure to complete specified educational programs. Licensing is based on a combination of education, experience and testing. Learn more

Nutrition Specialist Certification
This comprehensive certification course will enable you to implement successful strategies for effective nutritional guidance. Learn more

Patient Care Technician Certificate
Entrance Requirements: Proficiency in spoken and written English, Completion of medical exam and proof of immunizations, fingerprinting and criminal background check, high school diploma or equivalency required. Learn more

Personal Trainer: National Certification
Become a certified personal trainer in just six weeks! There has never been a better or more exciting time to be part of the fitness industry. With a growing emphasis on physical activity, an increasing number of people are making fitness an integral part of their lives. Learn more

Pharmacy Technician Certificate
Prepare to work as a pharmacy technician in retail or other pharmacy settings, and to take the Pharmacy Technician Certification Board’s PTCB exam. Learn more

Phlebotomy Technician
Program Requirements:In addition to successfully completing the three Phlebotomy Technician Program courses, you must: Learn more

PHP Programming and Database Certificate
If you are a current web developer or interested in enhancing your web-related programming skills, join us for this unique certificate program. Gain marketable skills to design and build dynamic and customizable web services through effective integration of Structure Query Language (SQL) database functionalities and PHP programming capabilities. Learn more

Project Management Certificate
Increase your employment opportunities and boost your job performance by earning the Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM) or the Project Management Professional (PMP) credential from the Project Management Institute (PMI). Learn more

QuickBooks Certificate
Gain comprehensive skills in computerized accounting procedures with QuickBooks. Enroll in individual or all the courses. Learn more

ServSafe® Food Safety Manager Certificate
Prepare for the ServSafe Manager Exam. Our seven-hour course features instructor-led training and your exam (a minimum test score of 75 percent is needed for food safety certification with the National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation). Learn more

SORA Security Officer Training
To be certified as a Security Officer in New Jersey, you must take a mandatory 24-hour class as prescribed by the NJ State Security Officer Registration Act. Learn more

Supply Chain Management Certificate
Become familiar with the concept of the supply chain and all of its components, from raw materials extracted from the earth to retail products ready for purchase by consumers. Learn more

Veterinary Assistant Certificate
Enroll in this Certified Animal Control Officer (ACO) course, approved by the NJ Department of Health and receive instruction regarding animal control from eight of the foremost experts in NJ. If you are interested in animal welfare personally, or as part of your profession – current kennel manager, shelter worker, rescue group personnel or volunteer – as well as those seeking an exciting career in animal control, this course is for you. Learn more

Web Marketing Certificate
It is no longer sufficient to be computer savvy; now, digital fluency is essential. Being left out of the conversation or not knowing that it exists can damage a business or brand. Learn more