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 Contact Information
Richard Thompson
Email: RThompson@middlesexcc.edu
Location: College Center 342
Visual, Performing, and Media Arts
 Contact Information
Richard Thompson
Email: RThompson@middlesexcc.edu
Location: College Center 342

Welcome to Gaming and Animation

Animation and gaming use and expand upon every other art form. When the character you have created comes alive, you will enjoy a feeling that is magical! Come study and master a craft seen not only in movies and on your Xbox, but in architecture, industrial design, science, data visualization, medicine and education.

Watch the video below to hear why Gaming and Animation is becoming one of our most popular majors!

Richard Thompson



“In a sense, I was no longer just the actor, but the director, the screenwriter, the set, costume and lighting designer. It was amazing.”
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Program Overview

The five Gaming and Animation courses are:

GAM 218 3D Modeling & Animation Foundations
GAM 219 Game Design Foundations
GAM 222 Animation Workshop
GAM 223 Game Design Workshop
GAM 280 Portfolio

We will be using Autodesk Maya (free download for students) to create and animate their modeled assets. We will then be bringing these into a game engine called Unity (also free for students) to create the interactivity. I provide Vimeo screen captures of all the demos that I present in class (and more) for students to review in their own time.

Career Information

Students who pursue a degree in Gaming and Animation are entering a competitive, but growing field. Creating video games is only one aspect of this field. Graduates may also be employed by pharmaceutical companies, engineering firms, hospitals, the military, museums and film studios. Here are just some of the career paths you can take:

  • Television
  • Architecture
  • Movies
  • Industrial Design
  • Game Design
  • Science
  • Advertising
  • Data Visualization
  • Visual Effects
  • Medicine
  • Product Visualization
  • Education
  • 3d Printing

Career Coach

What Can You Earn?

Percentages above show the Growth Rate from 2012-2022 according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.