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Holocaust and Human Rights Center


Timothy Hack

Timothy Hack received his B.A. in history from Rutgers University, M.A. in American history from James Madison University, and is a doctoral candidate in American History at the University of Delaware. He has spent the last ten years researching, writing and speaking about slavery and the African American experience in the Mid-Atlantic. His article, “Janus-Faced:

Terrence Corrigan

Dr. Terrence Corrigan (PhD) teaches history at Middlesex County College. After attending the Silberman Seminar at the National Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington DC, Dr. Corrigan began teaching courses on the history of genocide and human rights. His research interests include the history of the Catholic Church, Early Modern anti-Judaism, and nineteenth century racism and

Shirley Wachtel

Dr. Shirley Wachtel is the author of a memoir, MY MOTHER’S SHOES (2011), which details her mother’s struggles during the Holocaust, and her family’s journey as she settles in America. The novel, told from alternating perspectives of mother and daughter, is the subject of many presentations given by the author at colleges and other venues

Andrew Dzurisin

Andrew Dzurisin is an Assistant Professor of Sociology at Middlesex County College. His primary area of interest is the contemporary white supremacist movement particularly its ideological foundations and evolution. He has been a faculty member at Middlesex County College since 2002. BS-Richard Stockton College of NJ MA-University of Massachusetts Boston

Jennifer Altman

Jennifer Altman is an Assistant Professor/Sociology Coordinator in the History and Social Science Department. She earned his B.A. in Sociology at Rutgers College, her M.A. in Sociology at the University of Pennsylvania, and her M.S. and Ph.D. in Public Policy and Planning from Rutgers University. Her doctoral research focused on Campus-Community Partnerships and was funded

Rob Giorgi

Rob Giorgi served in the U.S. Army from 2004-2010, deploying to Afghanistan in ’07 and Iraq in ’08, and was awarded the Humanitarian Service Medal during his unit’s relief efforts following Hurricane Katrina. Rob returned to New Jersey in 2014 and enrolled at Middlesex County College where he wrote for the college newspaper, worked as

Marc Lane

Marc Lane is an adjunct faculty member at Middlesex County College and a graduate of the Rutgers University Division of Global Affairs. His research has focused on Conflict, Governance and Counterterrorism in Sub-Saharan Africa and MENA, with a particular focus on the onging conflict in Eastern Congo, Uganda and Rwanda. He has also done archival

Crystal Quillen

Dr. Crystal A. Quillen received her PhD in Experimental Health Psychology from Kent State University in 2012. Her main area of study was examining the pre-, peri-, and posttraumatic risk factors in individuals who develop PTSD. At Middlesex County College, Dr. Quillen is the Psychology Coordinator and the Chapter advisor for Psi Beta – Community