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Holocaust and Human Rights Center

Student Club

amnesty(Amnesty International Affiliated)

In regards to Syrian Refugees

  • Clothing drive/toy drive (partner up with the mosques who have been working with the refugees to help distribute the donations)
  • Food drive (same as above)

Water Drive
This can be ongoing throughout the semester, and can occur during other events like blood drives, bake sales, food drives to help with popularity of donations. So it’ll be a water bottle drive in regards to Flint. Flint has stopped receiving donations like it did a few month ago and supplies are going scarce. Flint residents cannot obtain water without proof of citizenship, and limitations are such as one pack of water bottles per family per two weeks.

Movie Discussion Days

Invite students and faculty to view a short movie, or even clips of movies and talk and hold discussion of how these issues are relative today; and perhaps bring in pop culture references to discuss.


  • Have Native American speakers talk about human rights violations and the danger they’re in because of the Keystone Pipeline.
  • Also, speakers to discuss the refugee situation in NJ.

Mission Statement

The Genocide and Human Rights Awareness Club at Middlesex County College is dedicated to the investigation, recognition, and prevention of international human rights violations and strives to promote the integrity of all human beings, regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, age or political affiliation. As a student organization, the Genocide and Human Rights Awareness Club aims to engage members of the college as well the Middlesex County community in the importance of studying and promoting human rights alongside preventing abuses of those rights and preventing genocide. The GHRA Club’s ultimate goal is to work for the protection of human rights for all people. In carrying out its objective, the GHRA Club will empower students to become advocates of the world by educating and promoting awareness. It will address the most pressing human rights violations, both critical and chronic; focus attention on those who are at risk and need assistance; pay equal attention to the realization of civil, cultural, economic, political, and social rights; and collaborate efforts with other student organizations, university departments, civil societies, as well as national and international institutions.


President: Priya Singh
Vice President: Danny Kline
Treasurer/Secretary: Carlo Alves
Public Relations: Roque Cabrera