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Holocaust and Human Rights Center

Things To Do

  1. Attend one of our events Upcoming Events
  2. Follow Amnesty International: http://www.amnestyusa.org/get-involve
  3. Read HHRC’s Awareness Packet and send it to a friend [coming soon]
  4. Listen to our students on these short clips: [coming soon]
  5. Visit the US Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington DC or explore their informative website: www.ushmm.org
  6. If you are a student, come to a meeting of the Genocide and Human Rights Awareness Club.
  7. Take a class at MCC that deals with the topic such as: HIS 260 Dimensions of Prejudice, Genocide, and the Holocaust
  8. Follow Genocide Watch and learn about the 8 stages of genocide: http://genocidewatch.net/
  9. Write to your congressperson and call for action: Congressman Frank Pallone Jr., 67/69 Church St., New Brunswick, NJ 08901
  10. Volunteer locally, give service to your community, and get involved with Democracy House at MCC.