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Welcome to the Honors Program

Honors Program: Creative Together

If you are interested in becoming a content creator for traditional publications and/or social media, then the Honors Program is perfect for you.

Taking place in small class settings, the honors experience will prepare you to thrive in a job market dominated by artificial intelligence and software automatization by prioritizing the latest scholarship, creative thinking and essential professional skills.

Notably, honors courses are no more time consuming than traditional ones, and lead to real-world outcomes.

By participating in honors courses, students can demonstrate actual accomplishments and in-demand skills to future employers, transfer institutions, or scholarships committees: “I have created…” instead of “I could do…”

Additionally, members of the honors learning community have access to study areas, priority registration, specialized advising and mentorship.

Publishing Opportunities

Students enrolled in honors classes can submit their papers for publication at Free Thought/Pensamiento Libre, the Student Scholarly Journal of the Humanities Honor Society.

Course Offerings Academic Year 2022–2023

2023 Spring Semester

  • GE Communications:
    ENG 122H: English Composition II
  • GE Humanities/GE History:
    HIS 222H: US History II
  • GE Social Science/GE Diversity:
    PSY 123H: Introduction to Psychology
  • GE Social Science:
    ECO 202H: Principles of Economics II
  • GE Diversity:
    HED 200H: Human Sexuality and Family Life
  • GE Math:
    MAT 132H: An. Geom. and Calc II
  • GE Math:
    MAT 124H: Statistics II
  • GE History/GE Humanities/GE Diversity HIS 258: History of Women

Honor Societies

PTK, Phi Theta Kappa

Charlotte Quigley: cquigley@middlesexcc.edu

Alpha Delta Nu, Nursing Honor Society

Janet Cosenza: jcosenza@middlesexcc.edu
Pam Hicks: phicks@middlesexcc.edu

Alpha Mu Gamma, National Language Honor Society

Juan Saborido: jsaborido@middlesexcc.edu

Humanities Honor Society

Joseph Pascale: jpascale@middlesexcc.edu
Cristóbal Espinoza: cespinoza@middlesexcc.edu

Kappa Delta Pi, International Honor Society in Education

Melissa Luis: mluis@middlesexcc.edu

Kappa Pi, International Art Honor Society

Susan Altman: saltman@middlesexcc.edu

Physics Society

Mohit Nigam: mnigam@middlesexcc.edu

Psi Beta, National Honor Society in Psychology

Crystal Quillen: cquillen@middlesexcc.edu