Total Annual Economic Impact

For over 50 years, MCC has been serving Middlesex County
by enhancing the workforce, providing local residents with easy access
to higher education opportunities, and preparing students for highly-skilled, technical professions.


Increased earnings of MCC’s alumni and
the businesses they work for

$477.5 million

added income



jobs supported


MCC’s payroll, construction, and day-to-day spending

$477.5 million

added income



jobs supported


Daily spending of MCC students retained in the county

$9.8 million

added income



jobs supported

Taxpayer Return on Investment

Middlesex County College is a great deal for taxpayers: it actually generates more in local tax revenue than it takes in. For every dollar invested by state and local taxpayers, $6.70 is generated in added taxes and public sector savings. And the business community can take advantage of our Corporate Training Department, which can train their employees in basic skills, Microsoft office, and advanced manufacturing. We can also customize a training program for you.

20% average annual
return on investment

Students and Parents

Students and parents benefit in multiple ways: they are saving money on tuition and they know they are receiving an excellent education. Attending MCC for two years and then transferring to a four-year college or university will save almost $18,000 at Rutgers University, $79,000 at New York University, and $90,000 at Columbia University. And the economic benefits of an Associate Degree are significant. Our graduates earn, on average almost $51,000 at the midpoint of their career, which translates to an average of $400,000 over the course of their working lifetimes. Those who then earn a Bachelor’s Degree will see even greater earnings: over $77,000 on average.

$51,000 average earnings


Our alumni have a tremendous impact on the local economy. Past and present students at MCC account for 6,770 jobs in the area and they generate $477.5 million in added annual income for the county. This figure represents the increased money that students and alumni earn during the year, the additional productivity of the organizations that employ them, and the added spending as students and alumni buy goods and services. Society sees a benefit as well: college graduates are less likely to need social services such as unemployment benefits.

6,770 jobs in Middlesex County
Average Earnings in Middlesex County
The average associate degree graduate earns $10,100
more than a high school graduate at career midpoint.
Average Earnings in Middlesex County

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jobs in Middlesex County is supported by the activities of MCC and its students.


For every 100 jobs at MCC, an additional 31 jobs were created in the county.


Social savings related to reduced crime, lower unemployment, and increased health and well-being across the state.

Some things can’t be measured in numbers