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Enrollment Services are being conducted in a virtual online environment.

We are providing virtual information sessions, Live Chat Appointments, FAFSA on Demand, and Online Advising.

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Interested in attending Middlesex County College?
Do you have questions about the application process, how to pay for college, and about our programs?

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Admissions Guide to Enrollment

Come learn about our new Community College Opportunity Grant Program at MCC!

Our Admissions and Financial Aid team will discuss the enrollment process and our financial aid opportunities, including free tuition for eligible students during this session.

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Adult Students: A Clear Pathway to Enrollment

The decision to return to school is never easy, especially if you’ve been out of the classroom for a while. Not sure you can do it? We know you can! Let’s talk!

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How to Choose the Correct Major for Your Career Goals

Interested in attending MCC, but feeling undecided about a major? This workshop is for you!

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Parent Session

Come learn how to assist your child to navigate the higher education process!

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Paying for College

Interested in attending MCC, but wondering how to pay for college? We have options!

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2+2 = Savings 4 You!

Why pay more for the same degree? Start at MCC, transfer all over the nation, and save thousands. Learn how you can get unbelievable savings and still graduate from your dream college or university!

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