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instructional design

Instructional Design Homepage

To support and facilitate the expansion of eLearning in all educational formats; traditional face-to-face, online, hybrid and independent study by encouraging:

  • achievement in excellence and innovation in teaching, learning and scholarly activities that realize more active student engagement and learning through the use of technology, universality and accessibility.
  • creation and deployment of management system solutions and functional components of Learning and Knowledge Ecosystems including resources, enhancements, processes, programs and any related functionality and components that are required for an integrative approach to learning virtually with technology.
  • delivery of sustainable learner centric products, programs and learning approaches through support, knowledge transfer, and educational training for all users (faculty, student & administration).
  • construction of relationships with faculty, students, and educational partners in order to support teaching and learning to promote more active student engagement and learning through the use of technology.
  • development and support of teaching and learning environments, pedagogical methods integrated with assessment and measurement solutions that assist educators in ensuring maximization of learning outcomes and program achievement.