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Computer Labs

Open Labs

There are more than 50 computer labs available on campus, containing over 1,300 PCs, including 40 systems in the Library. Check with the Library for current operating hours.

Departmental Labs

Many of the departmental labs are available for student use when the lab is not being used as a scheduled classroom. Available open hours for labs are commonly posted within the lab.

Many academic departments have PC Lab Coordinators available to assist in scheduling and using the PC labs. Check with the PC Lab Coordinator for specific procedures related to departmental labs.

Most departments also have Student Technical Assistants (STAs). STAs are available to assist with general software questions as well as to report equipment and network related problems. It is the responsability of the student to learn the software.

General Guidelines

The Department of Information Technology works hard to keep tha PC Labs functioning properly, but we need your help and cooperation. The following guidelines must be observed.

  1. No food or drinks in the labs.
  2. Report any problems with equipment or network to the STA or Lab Coordinator. The department of Information Technology will not take requests for service directly from students.
  3. Do not leave printouts in the printer(s) or around the classroom. PC labs should be left in the condition that you would like to find them.
  4. Do not waste paper with unnecessary printing. Also, books should be purchased, not printed from a PC.
  5. Different PC labs have different end-of-class needs in terms of what is done with the PCs. In some labs you may need to shutdown and reboot the PCs before you leave. In other, the routine may be to shutdown and turn off the PCs, or just leave the PCs as they are. Please check with your instructor. STA or Lab Coordinator to see how you should leave the PC lab you are using.
  6. PC labs are considered an extension of study space on the Middlesex County College campus. They are not intented for group gatherings or discussion groups. Please be considerate of your fellow students who are trying to study or do other work that requires various levels of concentration.

Acceptable Use Policies for Computer Facilities

The mission of Middlesex County College is to provide a quality, affordable, post-secondary education responsive to the needs of the community and accessible to all who can benefit from it (current Middlesex County College catalog). Inherent in our purpose is to provide the College community (faculty, staff, students and other authorized users) access resources needed to support academic and instructional activities required fro effective learning. Access to these resources assumes they will be used in a professional, ethical, and legal manner.

“In order to provide for the maximum comfort, convenience and well-being of the total College community, certain standards of behavior have been established at Middlesex County College” (current Middlesex County College catalog). Upon admission to the College, students accept an unqualified committment to adhere to such standards and to conduct themselves in a manner that reflects pride in themselves and the College. To ensure adherence to these standards and protect the integrity of its computing resources, the College reserves the right to monitor such resources. Any behavior in violation of the College standards is cause for disciplinary action.

Implicit in the use of the College computer resources is the user’s obligation to abide by the following rules and registrations:

  1. Usage is limited to registered students, faculty, staff, administrators, employees or authorized guests.
  2. Each user is responsible for his/her own account which may not be shared or transferred to another individual.
  3. Accessing another account is strictly forbidden.
  4. No one shall attempt to degrade the preformance of the computer resources by: sending mass mailings, introducing computer viruses, using the facilities for commecial purposes, participating in interactive game playing or engaging in any other attempt to degrade the system.
  5. Each user must refrain from sending, printing, requesting, displaying, or storing images, audio files, and/or other materials for purposes unrelated to the missions and goals of the College.
  6. No one shall attempt to circumvent any system security measure.
  7. No one shall violate copyright and/or software agreements. All federal, state and local laws will be adhered to when using the College computing equipment.
  8. The College computing resources may not be used for commercial purposes. Including solicitations on behalf of groups or organizations that are not related to the College.