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Games in Education

The Education Arcade – projects have touched on mathematics, science, history, literacy, and language learning, and have been tailored to a wide range of ages. They have been designed for personal computers, handheld devices and on-line delivery.

Game-based Learning in Higher Education 2012 an review of the state of GBL.

Affinity Spaces: Connecting Online Learning To Everyday Life– SUNY Webinar

A Toolkit 4 Making Social Issues Games

What is an Epistemic Game?

Games for Change

GameStar Mechanic

Play the News – join in this game and play it now!

World Without OilLesson PlansArchive “Play it – before you live it.”.

Spotlight Blogging the field of Digital Media and Learning

Alan Emrich’s Game Design and Development Courses

The MacArthur Series on Digital Media and Learning is a series of volumes that explore core issues facing young people in the digital world.The Series was published by MIT Press in December 2007 and is available online for download or forpurchase.