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The following list of resources covers the e-learning continuum from Web-Enhanced to Blended or Hybrid Learning to fully Online Distance Learning and beyond to MOOCs.

Designing Online Learning

Video Primers – an Online Repository for e-Teaching & Learning
A series addressing the design and best practices of Distance Education courses. The videos are about 10 minutes long and each topic is accompanied by a list of useful resources

Course Design Kit for Online Courses.

What is Active Learning

Incorporating Engaging Online Activities

Affinity Spaces: Connecting Online Learning To Everyday Life – SUNY webinar

Instructional Design for Online Course Development

WebAim (Web Accessibility in Mind) provide extensive resources on making web pages and online resources accessible. A good starting point is their Introduction to Web Accessibility including Principles of Accessible Design and 10 Easy Accessibility Tips Anyone Can Use.

At MCC, CELT and IDMS are collaborating with the University of Connecticut Center for Post Secondary Education and Disability on the project for Universal Design for Instruction in Postsecondary Education, making resources available to faculty, including the UCOnn UDI eToolBox and their eTools Library.

Guidelines and Quality Assurance

NJVCCC Best Practices Guidelines for Distance Learning Faculty
Quality Matters – Quality Assurance in Online Learning
Quality Matters – Overview

Pedagogy and Online Learning Research

Open SUNY Center for Online Teaching Excellence is nationally and internationally recognized for commitment to academic excellence through research-driven, community-supported practices of innovative teaching, learner-centered instruction, and pedagogy-focused approaches.

CCRC – Online Courses in Community Colleges This study explores factors that affect teaching and learning in online courses, including faculty development, faculty and student perceptions, students’ online readiness, and online instructional activities.

Online Education Resources a comprehensive collection of documents produced by Illinois Online Network along with some selected outside links.

The SLOAN Consortium web site includes a variety of research studies about Online and Distance Education, including a concise summary of research about interaction online and its implications for practitioners.

The Blended Learning Toolkit is a free, open repository of information, resources, models, and research related to blended learning. Funded by a Next Generation Learning Challenge Wave 1 grant, the Toolkit is a collaboration between the University of Central Florida and the American Association of State Colleges and Universities.

Blended Learning – FAQ’s and examples based on interviews with teachers.

AACE Digital Library peer-reviewed and published international journal articles and proceedings papers on the latest research, developments, and applications related to all aspects of Educational Technology and E-Learning. is an open community for education and training professionals. Members have free access to a wide range of opportunities to interact with peers from across the globe — live online, asynchronously and even face-to-face.

MOOC (Massive Open Online Course)

What is a MOOC? A short video introduction to the concept of Massively Open Online Courses.

A Compendium of MOOC Perspectives, Research, and Resources

Massive List of MOOC Resources, Lit and Literati

A Practical Response to Massive Open Online Courses – A video panel discussion on MOOCs.

Google and edX Create a MOOC Site for the Rest of Us


Publishers Test Bank Network



Digital Media – Collections, Creation and Demonstrations