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Video On Demand

Instructional Design & Media Services provides access to online collections of Video on Demand titles from the following distributers:

Subject specific Video collections provided by the Library include:

See the Instructions for home (off-campus) access for details how to access any of the above video collections from Off Campus.

The MCC YouTube Channel includes the following playlists:

Additional educational videos titles are available at:

  • NJVid Commons – New Jersey’s video portal and repository
  • YouTube Education – brings learners and educators together in a global video classroom.

The Benefits of using Video On Demand

You can use the built-in features and functions to identify the right content, organize it to meet your teaching objectives, and then deliver it digitally in either a classroom setting or for individual viewing by students.

Benefits to Educators

  • Always “on”! You can view, search, or organize your digital content whenever it’s convenient for you.
  • Helps you bring key concepts to life. Inspire your students with full-motion, visual media that is effective and engaging, and provide clarity and in-depth explanations with real-life examples on hard-to-explain issues and theories.
  • Gives you access to the full-length video as well as predefined learning objects and provides you with the ability to create custom learning objects to meet your needs.
  • Allows you to create personalized playlists, perfect for sharing pre-selected video learning objects with your students. No longer do you need to cue up your video tapes to a specific segment for classroom viewing.

For details of the complete Films on Demand catalogue see

Benefits to Students

• Promotes both individual study and collaboration activities in the classroom. With personalized playlists viewable on students’ own time or in class with other students, each experience can be tailored to a student’s needs.

• Addresses the visual learning style of today’s students who readily glean information from dynamic images of sound and video.

• Provides an effective resource for self-paced instruction, remediation, and reference. Students can replay selected learning objects as many times as they need to understand the concepts being taught.

Showing Video on Demand in the Classroom

Most classrooms have a built in ceiling mounted projector and PC connected to the internet. If your room does not have built in facilities then you can book a Projector/Computer Cart from Media Services for each session that you need it and tell them that you need an internet connection too.