Emergency Notification Service (ENS) at MCC

When an emergency situation occurs, it is important that we be able to communicate effectively with our campus community. To improve the reach of emergency notifications and to make it easier for our campus community, we are moving to an OPT-OUT model. Please read through the information on this page carefully to understand how this impacts you and how you can manage your contact options.

Emergency notification service

What is changing?

Our old model for enrollment in emergency notifications required users to manually register an account and fill out their contact information. In the new model, students, faculty and staff are enrolled for emergency alerts (and removed) automatically based on their enrollment status or employment status with the College. All others affiliated with the College will continue to manually enroll for emergency notifications, but through a new portal.

What do I need to do?

If you are a current student (credit or non-credit), faculty or staff member your enrollment in the Emergency Notification System will be handled automatically. You will need to verify that your contact information on file is accurate by logging in and editing your contact preferences at https://ens.middlesexcc.edu. This is important as your contact information from any previous ENS registration you may have is not copied over.

IMPORTANT: If you are not a current student, faculty or staff member and want to receive emergency notifications, then you must manually register for an account at our ENS preferences web page. You will need to do this even if you had previously signed up for notifications as all old registrations will be purged.

When is it changing?

Tuesday, September 25, 2018.

On 9/25/2018, the old Emergency Notification System database will be purged, and all currently enrolled students and employed faculty/staff will be automatically registered.

How does it work?

Students, faculty and staff are automatically entered into the Emergency Notification System based on the information in your student or employee records. Initial contact points are College email (mandatory), personal email, and personal cell phone. Users may login to the ENS Preferences page at https://ens.middlesexcc.edu to add, update or remove contact points.

How can I change my contact preferences?

Users may manage their contact preferences at https://ens.middlesexcc.edu. Students, faculty and staff may login with their MCC NetID. All others may login using the credentials specified during ENS account registration.

I have questions! Who can I call?

Please contact the IT Help Desk at 732-906-4251 or email helpdesk@middlesexcc.edu with any questions you may have.