Network, Voice & Connectivity

Campus Network

The College provides a robust wired and wireless network to support academic and administrative activities at the Edison campus, New Brunswick Center and Perth Amboy Center. Students may access the “mccwireless” network using their NetID username and wireless PIN (obtained through WebAdvisor). Faculty and staff may connect to the “mccstaff” wireless network using their NetID username and password.

Wireless access is available in all College buildings and some outdoor areas. Improvements to wireless coverage and capacity continue to take place as the College network is upgraded and expanded.

Voice Services

Voice services are provided at the Edison campus and New Brunswick and Perth Amboy Centers. This includes voice mail and fax services.


The IT department supports network connectivity between Edison campus to both New Brunswick and Perth Amboy centers. Redundant Internet access is provided through two geographically diverse connections to separate Internet Service Providers (ISPs). The College is also connected to the NJEdge network providing direct peering with the Internet2 research and education network, Amazon Web Services, Google, Microsoft, Apple, Twitter, Facebook, and other popular services.