Accelerated Scholars Program

The Accelerated Scholars Program is an enhanced version of High School Scholars, offering high school seniors the opportunity to register for 10 credits in the Fall and Spring semesters of their senior year. Start working toward an Associate’s Degree or build up credits to transfer!

Who can apply: High school seniors
What can I take: Any courses(s) for which you meet the prerequisites
How many credits: Up to 10 per semester (Fall & Spring only)
How much does it cost: $125 per course (plus course materials where applicable)
How can I apply: Download the high school scholars application, complete it, and then apply. Please include a copy of your high school transcript with your application.

Avinash photographed in front of Middlesex County Academy

Avinash Kumar graduated from the Middlesex County Academy for Science, Mathematics and Engineering Technologies in June and plans to graduate from Middlesex County College in August. He was named a 2020 National Merit Scholarship winner.

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