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high school scholars

High School Scholars

Are seniors eligible for summer courses through the HSS program?

Graduating seniors are only eligible for summer 1 courses with a May start date through the High School Scholars program.

Middlesex College staff are back on-campus. To ensure your safety, we encourage you to meet with us virtually if you have questions, or call us at 732-906-2554.

To schedule a virtual appointment or to submit your completed application, please email us at k12partnerships@middlesexcc.edu.

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What is it?
The High School Scholars program provides eligible students the opportunity to earn Middlesex County College credit while still in high school.

Who can apply?
Students that are 15 years of age and in their second marking period of their sophomore year (10th grade) of high school may apply for up to 8 credits per semester.

What course(s) can I take?
Students can take any course for which s/he meets the prerequisite. Placement testing may be required for certain courses.

How many courses can I take?
Students can take up to 8 credits of coursework.

How do I apply?
Download the High School Scholars application, choose you course(s), and obtain proper signatures of approval from a parent/guardian and your guidance counselor prior to submitting your application. Completed applications can be submitted to the Office of K-12 Partnerships in Billy Johnson Hall, room 200 or sent via email to K12Partnerships@middlesexcc.edu. Note that a new completed application is required for each new semester. High school students cannot register or make schedule changes online.

What is the cost?
Students taking courses on-campus or online pay $125 per course, plus textbook costs or digital course materials fees where applicable.

Why should I take a High School Scholars course?
Taking courses at Middlesex County College will allow you to explore different careers, experience a college course and environment, meet professors, students, and other college staff, and ultimately save money. Our courses are very transfer-friendly and cost less than that of a 4-year institution.

Can I work toward an Associate’s Degree while I’m still in high school?
Yes you can! Count your credits and make your credits count! Our new student planner tool enables all enrolled students to perform a degree audit and keep track of courses that will count toward a specific major. Take courses during 10th, 11th, and 12th grade and you may be close to completing an Associate’s Degree the summer after you graduate high school. If you are planning to attend a public 4-year institution in New Jersey, all of your credits from your completed Associate’s Degree will be transferred and you will enter college as a junior. You can save over $20,000 in tuition and fees! Click here to view our degree programs

My high school offers your courses as dual enrollment…what is the difference?
Many area high schools offer Middlesex County College courses during the regular school day. These courses are called dual enrollment courses. Dual enrollment courses award credit to students by both the high school and the college. Courses cost just $125 each and grades of ‘C’ or better can be submitted for transfer to other institutions on a Middlesex County College official transcript. Students are responsible for following up with other institutions regarding transferability of courses. Please note dual enrollment course offerings vary by school, and not all schools offer dual enrollment as an option.